Eishenhower Elementary in Cupertino

I looked up the API which is good and the great school ratings as well. I’am looking for some feedback based on self or friend’s experiences.

I don’t know this school in particular. But here is more updated data. API scores are 3-4 years old now. So CA schools have this new rating system. Kind of hard to compare, as it just reports % of students above, met, below their target. So schooldigger compiles this test score and rank schools from best to worst.

This is for Eisenhower Elementary:

This is for Cupertino Union school district. Click on Table, click Ranking, sort by Ranking. You can see how Eisenhower compares to other Cupertino schools.

Like most schools in Cupertino Union, this school has good test scores.

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Thanks , this is good info.

You can also check ratings and parent reviews here:

I believe some people also post these kinds of questions on quora:

I have a few friends live that area.
I believe most of them are satisfied with Eisenhower although I know of a couple of them sending their kids to either Murdock-Portal or Faria (alternative program mostly for strong academic result). In other words, this also could be an option for you as well if you buy there.
As a matter of fact, what they care most is middle school. Some of them are not very happy with academic performance of Hyde middle. Not sure if this is valid concern or not though.
For high school, Cupertino high is a very good school but people in Hyde area can also apply for Lynbrook for open enrollment. I don’t think competition for lottery is high. Thus, people in Hyde area effectively have 2 choices between Cupertino and Lynbrook.

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There is crazy bidding in the brewing there:

Yes this home is priced correctly to get it into the 1.5’s