Electronic Signature

Looking for suggestions on online electronic signature service.

I just need to use this once per year, for lease renewal. I was doing it by email, which requires scanning. I want to look at moving to online electronic signature.

Online, I see many semi-annual or annual subscription. I just need to enroll for 1 month, use it, and then cancel. Or I can pay by document.

And how do these electronic signature service get setup? Do I upload filled out PDF? And do I specify where tenants need to sign?

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Hmmm, this is real estate blog and most of the realtors use docusign day in day out, but no reply for 3 hours !

Docusign is the way to go, of Course it is expensive, but very reliable.

Correct you can upload pdf and specify the tenant where to sign, date, name etc. I use that service in my company work, nice one.

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I use eversign, which seems to have been renamed to xodo sign recently. It’s free if you only need a few docs a month. I just checked their website and it’s still free for under 5 docs per month.


Thanks for the tips.

DocuSign is $15/month. Something I need to look into, on the fine prints. As I just need it for 1 month.

[Edit/Correction] Eversign is still free. I was mistaken in my previous comment. Very tricky. During sign-up, the obvious options are paid ones. But there is a “skip” button, which will then continue to the free account.