Elon, Isn't Your Plate Quite Full As It Is?

The question has been answered many times in past. And in the same way. Read the story about the NY firefighters who were climbing up the stairs in twin towers with 100 pound gear when everyone was coming down.

A society can’t sit back and watch its children die. It’s a duty. That an attempt will be made by the best and brightest to save and salvage. And that no cause is more important than saving lives.

I appreciate Elon Musk assisting in this. There is hope in the world when best and brightest come together for a rescue like this.


Was asked again because is not convincing to many. My question is when would the cost be deemed too much.

And it will never be, till their own is in the situation.

Not all things in the world can be looked at from the ROI lens.


Of course all should be looked at with ROI lens. The cost is not $ and cents. The cost I am referring to is human lives, refer to my original post.

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Well, I believe the general theory is that we place more value on our youngsters as opposed to older folks. For example, if major surgery is necessary we would probably really only want to do it if youngsters were in play since they are early in life and would benefit more so than say an elderly person who frankly is more at the end of his/her life. With a group of youngsters especially we would then therefore go to great lengths to save them. Not to say we wouldn’t try to save a 90 year old person but let’s be honest it would be different.

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In your original post you mentioned risking lives of well trained specialists. So your question is not about cost of lives. It was about cost of well trained lives.

By that logic we shouldn’t even train people to become specialist. Because their lives can be lost if they are trained.

I wish it was that straightforward.

America is all fine with nutjobs mowing down kids in schools with machine guns. It’s just that it’s live TV now people choose to care.


That’s called Whataboutery Manch.

But you do it best!

Just want to point out people choose the things they care about. We need to be watchful for people trying to manipulate others’ emotions.

By the way that football coach who led those boys to the cave should go to jail.

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I don’t think he can be blamed. Unless there was warning outside the caves. Ideally they should close the caves during rains.

A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.
Every day there are many tragedies all over the world, one is highlighted and all of us are expected to show that we are sympathetic.

It is the classic Spock philosophy: Logic dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few… or the one.


The incident happened with Former Sgt. Saman Kunan is an accident like what happens on the road. This is not his mistake or government mistake or the trapped Children’s mistake. Mr.Kunan is an experienced Sgt and he should have taken care enough pre-cautions before going in. However, the complexity would have been higher than what he could have managed. Such incidents happen in rescue operations, even in our summer blazes happening every year in California or every earthquake happens in the world.

However, Government can not withdraw, but need to try their level best to rescue the Children.

Musk is the Trump of tech

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Shoooot… that ain’t cool.

I normally double check this kind of stuff because it seems unusual, but looking to be true :frowning: