Email Problem (Fixed)

Some folks signed up yesterday and never got their authentication emails… :frowning:

It’s my bad. I reset the password of my email account without letting the other part of the system know about it… Typical rookie mistake. :slight_smile: Check your mailbox and the authentication emails should be there already.


BTW: I’ve noticed that emails that come in have people’s real names on it, not their usernames. (sfdragonboy’s for example–his posts are sfdragonboy, but the email I get have his name). Is there a way to change that? I think it’s fair for people to either be somewhat anonymous or know that they’re not.

I was wondering why there weren’t more converts showing up from the old neighborhood (redfin) or new folks showing up here. Who doesn’t like real estate, right?

OK. I toggled an option that I think controls that… :slight_smile: Let me know if it fixes it.

Will do.

This text is filling out the other 20 characters I need.

Hahaha. Lowered that to 5.

Creator of this software was the one of the founders of Stack Overflow. And they are extra fussy about what’s a good post and won’t blink deleting posts they deem not good enough. I too find their default settings a bit silly at times.

Since we are on the subject of the site, what is up with the daily limit of 9 posts??? It is way, way too early in this site’s infancy to limit content (IMHO) don’t you think???


I raised the limits. The intent of the default was to fight spam. Bot accounts are most likely new accounts, and they didn’t read other posts or interact with the content. They just come and spray same or nearly identical content at a fast rate.

Coming from the Redfin forum where they had consistent spam problems, I can see where the designers are coming from. :slight_smile:

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