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Are you kidding?

They will accept your invitation, talk about anything, but you won’t make it back home. :laughing:

You’re dealing with the mafia investment crew here…:innocent::smiling_imp:

Of course, if you don’t know me, I am always breaking the ice around here, on the other forum I was the one opening a solitaire topic and the rest followed.
In this case, my apologies if I insulted anyone, I was kidding!. :grinning::wink:

Unfortunately, in my case, I am as broke as many people. But I can find you people interested in partnerships here in San Jose. :wink:

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Ok, PM me with some specifics on the project and give me some information regarding your experience in this area. I am expecting you to have some actual successful experience in either rehabbing properties before in the Bay Area or have done some personal investment in real estate in the Bay Area where you have made money (on paper or realized). No experience, no need to contact me. I would only be interested in perhaps being a partial private investor anyway so if that is not what you want/need no worries.

+One, same here.

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I sent you PM,morning, you can respond to it.

@cloud I sent you PM too.

Here, let me cut to the chase some so that people contacting you and vice versa are on the same wave length so to speak so no time is wasted with the back and forth:

  1. How much minimum $ realistically you want/expect from each investor?

  2. Say I invest, how much time am I in for at the minimum before I can pull out?

  3. How did you arrive at that 30% ROI in six months figure? What is a more realistic ROI?

  4. Do you currently have any partners or are you solo at this moment?

  5. If you are as successful as you say you are, why do you need us? You said it yourself, you have the money. If I had the money, I would not be sharing with anybody. Explain.


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I appreciate the information. A bit rich for my blood but oh well. I guess my only remaining question would be that max turnaround time of one year. How am I supposed to believe that you can have the project done to the point that only after one year you would be able to payout in theory all of your investors with said profit level say if they all pulled out at once? Realistically, are you able to build that many homes in such a short time? Oops, two questions…:slight_smile:

To add to the point of sfdragonboy, about one year period:

I met ptiemann, along with my {friend/partner} in year 2015, one time to have joint project with him. He clearly said that I need to wait four years. Do not expect to get back the money in one year. Since his project was changing the division R1 to Multi-unit condo/TH units, that takes longer than normal.

ptiemann was great, we trust him, but we were thinking about four years. At that time, there was a major issue happened to my {friend/partner}. He lost almost 100k with one building 300k project, he could not mobilize money. It took one year for him to recover the money, after sending legal notice etc, with 10k soft cost loss.

Thereafter, We did not proceed further, but I bought a property Dec 2015 and rented it out.

The reason I rented my Dec 2015: I met three architects for extension of my property. They indicated it may take 6-9 months to get approval and then one year to complete it.

I just fixed the fixer-upper and rented it without expansion. It is just moving my expansion plan target to later point of time.

If city people are known, approval can be received early. I hope, If money is there, project can be completed 12-18 months.

So, that investment plan $ puts me out of the equation. I was thinking of $500 but in Ks that is a lot for me… :joy:

This means, this deal is for those who walk the walk and talk the talk. :laughing:

Not interested

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Wonder whatever happened…did the deals pan out?

Of course, those who contacted Cloud are already enjoying their money in the Bahamas :laughing:

I think the 1 year investment scared some investors. I can put people in contact with bridge loans that invest in real estate, big constructions sites and they pay 5% return for 1 year, or 7% for 18 months. They start paying you the returns in 30 days. You get to be a front runner (lien) if the development doesn’t pay. You can start with $25K up to whatever you want.

On the same topic:

Cloud could have a good deal going on here, but in order to spit $500K or more, you need some assurance, get to know Cloud, see his record, and have good witnesses testifying that what he said it’s true.


New development requires deep pocket. Is flipping much easier? is profit margin much better with new construction after all the cost and time?

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So this is you? Cloud?

I would being willing with you on my next BA trip…This weekend…To big birthday parties…Temporarily out of liquidity but always interested in the latest developments. …Smart locations. .Like Monroe, right on the Palo Alto border. Curious about the architect…I am going to meet with my first development partner, who lives in Atherton…He has built more than 50 homes…We built in Menlo Park together in 1989…Turned out to be a disaster…Now worth $4m sold for $950k, below cost…But we are still friends…only James Witt is still active…Most of the other 80s builders are retired or bankrupt. …Development is not an easy ride…John Low was the biggest 80s PA builders not seen or heard since…must have built hundreds of really poorly built houses, averaged 40 per year…Probably all candidates for remodeling now…

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You owe me a commission here mister. No, better give it to elt1, he revisited the topic…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: