Entry-Level Google Recruits Earn Massive Salaries


You can pretty much substitute Google with Facebook in the article. I think Base is about the same for new grads at most startup too (maybe 10-20K more). But obviously they got Options instead of RSU.

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Bragging that you and wife earns tons? :rage: Total $1M? :scream:

Such jealousy… :rofl:

Red with envy.

Then go buy some more Fb stock. Got to match what they get for free… :rofl:

We are still slaves of W2 jobs, unfortunately. Until that day …

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Already in the hell with them. Buy more would end up in 18th!

18th? On the street where I live? :rofl:

700k-1M a year for double income earners. I am wondering what a recession and layoff would do. Maybe the top earners will have a job but the stock grant can be worth less.

The engineering pay is amazing as the world is under attack by technology

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Many colleges have been increasing intake annually to increasingly demand forecast. There would come a time when supply would be more than demand, your guess is as good as mine as to when. My guess is at least 5 more years.

There will come a time when robots replace all these engineers and they will all lose their job. So no need to be envious, @hanera :rofl:

My envy comes from they got to earn huge pay for the same hand-to-mouth job that I have decades ago. They got to enjoy huge houses/cars and/or tons of RSUs/rentals while I have zero bank account balance.

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Don’t worry… I’m sure any of them is willing to quit their job in exchange for the Aapl portfolio and 2 Cupertino houses… :smile:

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Not any time soon.

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Why don’t you jump back into the job maket?

I am in an age group that invest in the youth :smiley:

Just 2-3 years back, $600K in your pocket. C’mon you know you want it.

You need a certain skill set to do these jobs. @hanera is so old that he has become incompetent. That’s why he is full of envy.

BS. He’s sharp as ever.