Err... That's All?

New listing in Milpitas with this ONE SINGLE picture:

Is this a joke? WTF is this?


When you get there, they have a keg of delicious cold beer, how’s that?

It has 12 pictures now.

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Looks like the agent was experimenting with the upload feature. :slight_smile:

@Terri Yeah, probably a picture from the agent’s office.

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We had some discussion about whether to list with a realtor who has lots of businesses. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have people who don’t even know how to update pictures onto the MLS. Some happy medium needs to be struck.


But, he drew lots of attention, didn’t he?

Good trick, isn’t it?

This agent just did a screen dump of Google street view. Yes, one picture.

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Well, never mind the one solo Google street view pic. This SJ house is HOT Home already.

Even dumbass agents can sell homes in this market.

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The homes sell themselves…no agents needed.

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Pending after 10 days. Yeah, market is still pretty hot I say. BTW still only that one picture.