Ever-expanding Facebook plans Burlingame lease

:+1: on Burlingame and Millbrae real estate.


I had forgotten all about this until I saw a Burlingame listing touting the house is “mere minutes away” from Facebook’s new campus. Anyway it seems the new campus is for the Oculus team. I thought it’s mostly based in SoCal? Are they relocating the team closer to home base?


Good to spread the wealth (of jobs)!

The upper peninsula is blowing up. Stripe is moving from SF down to SSF and Facebook is moving oculus to Burlingame.

Burlingame is so expensive already. :cry:

Yes, Hillsborough seems to be a better bargain.
First, not many towns hold Congress seats. We have Hillsborough and Atherton.
Second, I am sure you can afford it, why settle for the second best :wink:.