Every House Should Have A Treehouse

Expensive place but that treehouse is pretty cool…

That “treehouse” is not even sitting on a tree?!


Fine…inlaw unit then!

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Still hasnt sold…The treehouse is probably the only place where you can see the beach…Obviously over priced…especially for those convinced about sea levels rising…For $3m you could fly to Hawaii anytime you want for life…beats sitting out on foggy Stinson beach with freezing water…Tahoe water is 68 all summer with no fog…Stinson is 55 all summer.has surf, but great white sharks…none in Tahoe…lol

Poking around eh, @Elt1???

For Mr. Facebook’s kids???

We were kids, 7-8-9 years old and we loved to climb trees. We had a gathering of friends, about 10 of them at this particular house where I grew up. I was known as another last name than my dad’s.

So, one day, we go to bring the famous “Cushin”. A weird fruit that resembles a sword. It has white fruit inside and the bone is black. Anyway, Enrique was the macho man of the group so he decided to go up the tree. I am talking about the hight of that spiraling house in the picture above. But, we begged Enrique to not eat them up there because we wanted to be fair and everybody would catch his loot.

He starts cutting and dropping the fruit in a particular side. Their landing was noisy, some were 2 pounders. And the eventual branch breaking was the norm. Eventually, he started eating up fruit there, the bones were bouncing on our heads. We started yelling and cursing him. He laughed, kept sending the fruits down and eating at the same time. And the noise from a branch breaking and falling was normal as I said. The last branch that broke was big, thanks God we were on the other side of the tree where it landed, so we kept calling him to send us down the precious fruit. We yelled, and yelled and yelled but Enrique didn’t send fruits down nor bones nor a sound. ??

Then, we heard a sound, Enrique was moaning, barely moving on top of a branch. He had fallen at the same time as the last branch we heard coming down. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Poor guy, he ended up working for the cartels. Dead years ago due to bullet holes. :innocent:

I built 5 tree houses from when I was 8-13…Big winds knocked all those trees down…

Wow, a “treehouse” for a mere 679k in Mill Valley…