Everything About Rent Control

AIDS Helathcare Foundation is a slumlord?

Hope you guys do your part.

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Thank you for flagging. I’ll do my part.

Is there a link to send a comment on the bill to the senate?

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I usually just use the Contact page on their site. Also called before.

Squeaky wheel gets some grease?


Maybe we should have CA voters decide on every pricing decision by any business?

I mean, what could go wrong?

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Welcome back Tom!

Took a summer break from us? :joy:

Nah. I monitor on occasion. Always seem to be busy with something else. Or, just lazy.

Besides, my inbox overflows with things for me to read. So, I have to wade through that. Or, stop reading internet BS. :thinking:

Lately, I’ve been getting quotes for long delayed home projects. For the first time, I’m saying I won’t do it myself and biting the bullet to let someone else do it. The kinds of prices I’m getting are shocking the hell out of me.

I guess I am really getting old now. :grinning:

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As rents and evictions rise across the country, more cities and states debate rent control (msn.com)

This is a Big deal.


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Wow! Just wow on the stupidity of left commies! This comment is gold:

I’m a NYC landlord. These new rent laws are absurd. I have a 3 bedroom apartment in Manhattan - it has now been sitting vacant for over 3 years. The previous tenant lived there for 80 years. Now that the apartment is vacant it needs over $100k to renovate it and bring it to code. But… the law says I can’t rent it for more than $500/month.


Aaaaaand, didn’t NY just join the anti Airbnb crowd???


Yet amazingly Airbnb stock is up 80% in a year.

Perhaps, but many jurisdictions are saying no to Airbnb. Even my Penang, Malaysia said no recently. Man, that would suck if you bought a place or two for that purpose.