Everything Is Going Down The Toilet

So, after that waters is being used to clean you up, you do as Zerorez, the carpet cleaning company promotes, you can drink that water?:rofl:

On that note, I would love a system that takes used shower water (OMG, my wife’s half hour showers would take care of the immediate few blocks…oops, nothing Dear…) and then applies that to the toilet for flushing. That water is precious and freaking expensive!!!

Ok, flippers, you need to include this in your next flip!!!:grinning:

Hmm, waste management and waste connections popped on my stock screen today. It’s designed to look for momentum trades based on technical analysis.

I have a bidet on my master bath toilet. It’s tankless model and no extra plumbing is needed. It comes with a T that you can connect to existing (cold) water connector on the toilet. I installed it in 20 mins with just a wrench and that includes the time to read the instructions.

Me and my wife and younger kids love it. My oldest daughter is still refusing to sit on it though.

Looking back, I wish I had spent a little more to buy a model with a lid that you can sit on. I think it was about $100 more which didn’t seem to be justifiable given the function (just a stronger lid), but it should be well worth the convenience now that I’ve had it for a few years.

There is nothing like feeling fresh after a major #2

Oh sorry, lunch time…

Me want Chow Mein…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Here ya go, @Elt1… a subject that only you can get your arms around it…

Now that I have it, I can’t do without it. :slightly_smiling_face: (Installed @ an year back including electrical connection)

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Oh, the bidet? Yeah, I wouldn’t mind having one myself. Next remodel or home…

I just know snakes love bidets. So…next time you feel something harder than the touch of water…:sweat_smile:

You know, I have night mares exactly like that. That I have to go pee and I can’t find a private toilet. There’s no walls, and lots of people milling around.

Hey, anything to cut down that urine scented air of the Fab 7x7…

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Best use of taxes ever.

Not for this guy…

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Uh, that is a loooooong time…

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You know, he doesn’t want the packet of drugs coming out in the loo. Then they’d know he was guilty.

Right, I knew that but still…one would think his body would at some point (way earlier than that) just say, uh, no it is coming out whether you like it or not…

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