Everything On Solar Panels

Here’s a thread for y’all to chime in about solar panels. Any of you done it already? Do you like it? Do you not like it?

Now, this latest idea is kinda neat I must say…

Sounds like it’s an idea being worked on and not an actual product yet. How are they going to test to see if it’ll last 30 years like a normal roof?

Yeah, hopefully, this doesn’t take as long as his cars to come to market…

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Merely saying what people want. If this is called a plan, I have plenty.

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It will be interesting to see the new owners, and since all is about prototypes, the first guys will end up with a Frankenstein, and the new ones with brand new and more efficient models.

With that type of roofing, what’s that saying about not throwing rocks while having a glass ceiling/roof? :wink:

Yeah, bugs need to be worked out but I like the concept. I mean, will you be able to walk on those cells without damaging them? Maybe there will be a clear overlay cover that protects the cells while still allowing them to work? I def love the idea of having the cells, then the storage batteries to store all of that energy and then having a cool, affordable fully electric ferrari designed car (dreaming, one day) to use some of that free energy without any guilt.

Useful interactive map for those folks contemplating on whether to go solar or not…

Wow, game changing solar windows!!!

I’ve seen solar panels in Seattle. I just laughed. I guess there’s 5 months of near non-stop sunlight and really long days. The rest of the year those things have to be producing next to nothing.

Maybe they were marketed (up there) as roof protectors, ala screen protectors for Iphones…:grin:

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So, yesterday while at HD the now Tesla (formerly I guess Solar City) folks cornered me into coming by and giving me a proposal for Tesla solar cells and the power wall battery that I was most intrigued with. Well, the cost to put all that on my Sunset home is about $28K and then if you factor in the tax credit (still there supposedly) it comes to under $20K!!! Wow! So, a fully warranted solar cell system for 20 years costs less than $1K a year. Anybody else thinking about this???

If you want to install solar panels on your home, take note of this:

If you have a car, and the tank is leaking gasoline. Would you fix it or you would keep filling up the tank?

What I am saying is that the problem of solar panels is that they are installed and heck with you and your house lacking insulation on the attic (15 inches at least), modern windows (dual-triple panel), new HVAC (all the tubing should be insulated), doors well insulated too. Swimming pool? Is the motor new? Replace it for one that is energy efficient.

Once you have an energy efficient home, the solar panels won’t need to work like crazy. You will face minimal usage if you are under some limitation on its use or the mistake that due to not doing the above you bought too many solar panels.

Say you are running your air conditioning but most of the cold is leaking outside because the windows and doors are not insulated or windows are old, not dual panel, you are just wasting your money.

I know an organization that comes to your home, evaluates it following the aforementioned issues, and freeze your electric bill for 30 years. They will offer you all the incentives and deductions available on all what is to be changed, not only on the solar panels. You won’t pay a bill until November next year.

Yes, it is customary nowadays to install an EV charger and battery.

Good luck!

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I put in solar in RWC in 2005. Sold 2015. Saved about $3000 per year, large house with a pool, plus the buyer definitely valued it. Owned a Tesla… but in the foggy Sunset district with a small house and only two people it is not worth it… what is your electric bill?
I doubt if you would save more than $1200 per year

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Yes, we have been thinking about this. On our street, it is about 30% solar now.

If your electric bill is less than $2000 a year it is not worth it.
$300/m and above and no fog… go for it
Figure $1k per year for the depreciation. Put the $20k in another investment maybe a better bet. If you only save $1k per year… 5% return… can do better in stocks

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We just installed a central AC in the summer so we do not have the complete picture of what we may be paying.

Wait a year and see. In most BA locations you won’t use AC often enough to justify solar. Except near Gilroy and near Livermore…

The most important thing about installing solar panels is to right-size it. If you put in too many panels than needed, your ROI will be very poor. The thumb rule is to only install solar panels that produce about 65% of your yearly energy needs. If you then consume less energy during summer day time (when grid will pay you ~33 cents for every kwh you send it), then you can have a $120 electricity bill for the year ($120 is the minimum you need to pay).

Also, it is very important to not overpay for your panels. In the bay area $3/watt (before any tax credits) is a fair price (get enough quotes).

I have a 3.7 kw system on roof. Cost me around 10k (after tax credits). I will likely recoup investment in 5-7 years.

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Like I said if your electric bill is less than $2k/year not worth the bother…

Wow, thanks for the feedback guys/gal! First off, yes home has been insulated and retrofitted (insulated) back when I remodeled before move-in. Our monthly bill is kinda high (to me) as it can creep up to $150, so probably not even $2K yearly. Nope, I was told Sunset can actually be fine, even foggier Daly City homes can produce enough energy. An analysis of my location actually produces excellent results since I am at at a corner with no houses around me to block the whole mostly flat roof. In fact, about 4 homes about a block or so up the street apparently have solar according to his search.

Agreed, it may not make sense for us to do it especially if we plan to move in a few years and potentially sell if our new home is to our liking. With an estimated recoupment about 10 years that might then kill it. The Tesla rep does an analysis using your PGE usage information (yearly) and designs a system that is matching closely to projected usage max (with a slight margin of error). Keep in mind the reason why I am intrigued and interested is the power wall battery that the system comes with. This is why the system is more expensive than perhaps others. To be able to store your energy and power your home through blackouts and feed your electric cars would be kinda cool.