Exclusive Buyer Agents

I didn’t know these specific folks actually existed… (live and learn each day)


Using “appeal to fear” argument to push for exclusive buyer agent. Don’t enter into an “exclusive buyer agent” contract. Read the fine prints and you’ll realize very unfavorable to you e.g. if seller didn’t pay full commissions, you as buyer is to top it up.

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You can go back in my history, either on this forum or the other one, but somewhere I read that there was going to be a huge and perhaps big, yuge monetary settlement when it comes to use a dual agent. They will investigate why only dual agency was played in certain brokerages.

I hope it comes to be right, time to clean the real estate market from dishonest realtors.

when you use a buyer’s agent, you will see more properties. Not only are they plugged into their Multiple Listing Service, but they are also actively finding homes that are listed as FSBO, or homes that sellers are thinking about listing.