Exterior Stucco repair cost

We noticed bulge in exterior stucco (along the perimeter near ground level) and called plastering company.
The inspector came out and told me that they should remove the stucco (up to 1 foot from ground), re-do water proofing, and patch stucco along the whole perimeter.
The quote he gave me was $6400.
On top of that, if they find any damaged wood, then they would charge additional cost (he expect less than $2000) for replacement.

The perimeter he measured was 128ft.
Hence, overall repairing size would be about 128x1 = 128sf.
Does this price sound reasonable?

Sounds ok for a job well done. A handyma’am would be less expensive and a whole barrel of good times but this sounds like a fine job for a pro since you are worried about it. I’m assuming you are not in Coco County, prices are less in the Coco!

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Thanks, Marquis.

I live in Santa Clara county.

Please allow me to expand my answer. Can you post a medium and zoomed out photo or else describe grading and drainage? What caused the bulge and what is the age of the stucco? Is the whole siding stucco or only part of the siding for the building?

Sounds like a can of worms, hence the high price perhaps. Price should include finishing, painting and touch up. Hopefully this is the type of contractor who goes all in on a hard quote and doesn’t raise prices along the way. It’s not outrageous pricing depending on lots of unknowns but rule of thumb you need three quotes. Personally, I wonder if there isn’t a better solution which will also cost mucho, mucho less. For example, if you need new stucco my neighbor could probably do your whole house in stucco for less than $6000, it’s not an expensive op usually. He specializes in that type of work, I wouldn’t even use a plasterer. Stucco is another specialty but handyma’ams frequently work on stucco because it cracks a lot so they can do the work possibly.

Need to do root cause analysis. What is the problem: settling, lack of caulking, drainage, gutters, wear and tear? Solve the root cause if possible otherwise no sense in fixing the bulge. Might need a French drain, pump or change landscape and tune sprinklers? Many variables

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6400 iş ridiculous for just 128 sq ft. I got stucco on my whole house for 3500. This sounds like a few hundred $ job for a handyman.


Here are photosIMG_2958 IMG_2959

IMG_2961 .
We got our foundation inspected a year ago and everything looked good. No crack or level difference from corner to corner.
I don’t know how old stucco is.
In most part, cracks are along the perimeter near ground.
However, if you look at 3rd photo, you can see bulge in stucco, and as a result, some space between straight gate frame and bulged wall.
The ground around wall is flat.

Anyway, $6400 includes stucco removal, water-proofing and stucco patch only. Anything beyond this is at extra charge. I guess it is way too expensive.

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Photo not uploaded. You quitted before jpeg is uploaded completely.

jane your stucco is unable to weep
And that is why it is bulging and cracking .

You need clearence from dirt. If it was concrete then you would have needed minimum 2.5” clearence from concreete but for dirt it is little bit more


Thank you so much for the information!
Now, I can understand what’s going on here. (Please, forgive my ignorance.)

Do you think $6400 is reasonable if it includes new weep screed installation at 4 inches from dirt?
I assume proper installation of weep screed would fix the issue. Right?