Extremely Foggy in Daly City

I went to the Golden Gate Park today. I started out from the sunny part of SF which was a little bit warm. By the time I reached the park it was already foggy and a bit gloomy. But then we went to Daly City for dinner. Oh man, was it foggy and brrrrrr cold. Visibility was only about 20 feet and I could see layers of fog blowing past me. When we came out of the restaurant around 7:30 the fog had condensed into light drizzle.

There was one hot summer day we decided to head to the beach. Came to Pacifica and it was foggy and frigid cold. We debated whether we should just leave. In the end we just put on the thickest jackets we could find in the car and braved the wintery wind.

I don’t mind a little bit of fog, but Pacifica and the western edge of Daly City is way too much.

What, why didn’t you go to the restaurant with the best chicken wings in the world? Right by GGP…

Chicken wings are for college dudes. Grown ups deserve better food, like Denny’s for example. :smile:


Uh, San Tung was rated as one of the top 50 chinese restaurants in the US. Until you have actually tried it, don’t knock it…:wink: