Extremely polite man discovers strange woman living in his attic

A Seattle man found himself living everyone’s worst nightmare when he discovered that a stranger was living in his attic.

Davis Wahlman had been noticing clues that something was amiss in his home for a few days, but the (apparently mellow) employee of KOMO News ignored the occasional light mysteriously left on, bathroom window screen in a bathtub, and distinct noises coming from within his house.

“I don’t immediately freak out but I’m like, ‘This is not ordinary,’” Wahlman told KOMO.

Wahlman, who will never be asked to housesit for anyone ever, stated, “I hear rummaging around above me, which I know is the attic so I’m like, ‘That’s kind of weird.’”

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My buddy found a homeless man in his house in SF…when he tried throw him out the homelss giy insisted it was his house…There are desperate people out there…jackals at the gate…

In SF they may force your friend to share the house with the homeless man if he stays there long enough… Yes, very dangerous situation especially the law is more on the homeless’ side…