F*ck You, San Rafael!

There, solid evidence that OTHER CITIES are dropping of their trash in the Fab 7x7!!! Fuck you, San Rafael!!!

EXCLUSIVE: Video shows San Rafael police dropping off homeless in SF (yahoo.com)

San rafael probably a good livable place since the cops care and remove homeless.

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See, the ills of the Fab 7x7 is NOT coming from within… it’s coming from outside!!! Caught fucking red handed!!!

I observe Redwood City is definitely not transporting their homeless to SF.

…and of all the Peninsula locales Redwood City seems also the least hostile to lower income housing.

At the very, very, very minimum, I want that freaking San Rafael police officer to drive over, pay that high arse bridge toll out of his own pocket and take that homeless guy back to his city!!!

How do you know that homeless person did not originally come from SF? :slight_smile:

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Because all Fab 7x7 natives are rich and educated and have second vacation homes, that’s why!!!

But seriously, what is wrong with San Rafael shipping homeless to SF? If SF welcomes homeless people, then it should not discriminate against new arrivals, right? This is the same as Texas bussing illegal immigrants to NYC. You gotta practice what you preach.

If you watch the video in the link, it seems to suggest that the problem is more on that the homeless person was dropped off in a residential area with no services available to help him, rather than on the “dropping” itself. It also says that according to San Rafael police they did it because the homeless guy wanted to go to SF so they simply made his wish come true. Should they have kept the guy in San Rafael against his own will?

Uh, maybe because legal San Franciscan residents might object??? Hello???

Here, here is a better example. How about if hypothetically San Rafael or another city sent their time served child molesters to your neighborhood to live unannounced. I am assuming you would not like that…

Can you and other legal SF residents object to homeless people coming to SF? :slight_smile:

Unannounced is not nice, and for San Rafael police to do that is probably against some policy. But fundamentally if SF welcomes all homeless with open arms (including drugs/food/everything they need) what’s wrong with other city sending homeless to SF? Maybe they need to pre-announce a week in advance, or follow some other protocols, but can you really object to homeless people coming to SF on their own will?

Of course nobody likes homeless people to be around them, even though everyone is saying they should be welcomed. Homeless is currently at the top of the food chain as they enjoy the most freedom that you and I can only envy (of course sarcasm but it has some truth to it). Things will only get worse before they have a chance to get better, so it may not be a bad thing for the homeless situation to get worse fast.

Bring them in! :slight_smile:

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Uh, we the taxpayers did not VOTE or have a say in the matter!!! Easy for you to say, you don’t live in the Fab 7x7.

I don’t live in SF and I don’t get to vote in SF, but I have rental properties in SF so I am in an even weaker position than you are. I am paying my fair share of supporting the homeless in SF even though I don’t agree with the spending.

I am on your side, my friend. :slight_smile:

Well, from the way you were going it seemed like you were on the side of San Rafael…

I’m even willing to concede that if a city simply does not have the resources AT ALL legitimately and it informed our city government if we could help I might be willing to. It is simply the audacity that this San Rafael policeman who works for obviously San Rafael decided to go out of his way to drive all the way to San Francisco to drop off a homeless person just because he asked to be. Wow…

Maybe the fellow was only pretending to be homeless so he could bum a ride.

I hope that cop ODs on his next doughnut run…

Exactly. Don’t take this story at face value. The cops didn’t pick SF at random. Even within the version of this I read, the guy indicated some nexus with the City. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he named a street or neighborhood and that’s why they let him out in a residential area in the first place.

I was in downtown Benicia yesterday when some off his rocker homeless kid had parked his beat up, unregistered car full of his life and started dumping his stuff out on the sidewalk. Some woman was trying to talk to him nicely and see if maybe she couldn’t help. He was going on an on about none of his family wanting him and being six hours from home and he really needed a doob to cope or he was going to have an anxiety attack.

A half hour later, as I walk back and by, there are four Benicia police officers and three patrol vehicles surrounding this kids car. The cops are on the sidewalk talking nicely to him as he’s reloading his crap into the car and I see him drive off after a few minutes.

I live in Vallejo where this shit is allowed to go on unabated. There is a reason that Benicia has a nice downtown that attracts people and businesses, while Vallejo’s downtown which is just as historical and interesting as Benicia’s is a place that no one wants to be. If the Vallejo PD enforced anti-vagrancy laws like Benicia does, it would make Vallejo a lot nicer place.

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OMG, if you actually believe that this guy knows someone here in the city, I got a freaking red bridge to sell you for a song. If you know the location, that is essentially near Doyle Drive, the road to and from to the GGB or the Marina. The cop simply picked a convenient spot that he hoped was quiet and without someone with a cell phone. He got busted. Period.

I can’t believe you take anything in the press without a grain of salt.

I’ve worked with the press. I’ve dealt with the homeless. Neither are rational and both like to spin narratives for their own gain.

I also can’t believe that you use the term “legal SF resident” as though each municipality has a right to control immigration. The last time I looked, this is the U.S. and, we are free to travel interstate or intercity.

This reminds me of the narrow minded folks in Oregon or Texas who have said to my fact that I was welcome to visit but they didn’t want anyone from California moving there.

Uh, did the San Rafael Police department NOT APOLIGIZE for what happened? YES, IT DID!!!

Perhaps you ought to actually read the news before suggesting others not…

San Rafael police apologize after dropping off homeless man in San Francisco (eastbaytimes.com)