Fabulous West Portal Home With A Big Mole - Will It Sell?

Ok, here is a great case study home that should tell us if the market in the Fab 7x7 is as hot as ever or not. This is a great home in very nice and desirable West Portal. Buuuuut, it is right on the M streetcar line. So, that means one would feel and maybe hear the streetcar go by into the wee hours. So, will there be still a ton of bidding on this house despite the big negative? We shall see… I am thinking this sells still above asking but probably below 2M. Over 2M, market is still hoooot…

This is not just the M, also the K and the T and some other buses…horrible location. I’d pass on this.


Exactly, that’s why I am curious to see what happens on it. Do you really envision it not selling? Probably not, right. So, what will be the final price then? Is it going to take a major haircut to sell or will people not care that much about the bus routes?

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How bad is the noise from the buses? There are also traffic from cars. But it’s close to bus stations and restaurants.

However, families may not like it. If it’s a condo, might be ok.

It’s bad. You will feel the rumbling of the streetcars going by and if your windows are not really tight and double paned you probably will hear them too. And keep in mind the trains run fairly late and quite early in the morning. No doubt, further up the street is the lovely West Portal commercial area that feels like a small town. The house is quite nice but the detractor is the street, so what gives? I fully expect the house to sell anyway, but at what price is the magic question.

I often see beautiful houses in bad location. The previous owner should have used their remodel at a better location.

This house might be a hard sell

It will sell, probably close to asking (slightly above or below), there are bag holders everywhere.

We are humans, we get to get used to anything. I rented an apartment right under the path of the planes landing in SJ airport. In night time, I used to hear their rumbling and see the planes coming my way like…Jesus! It’s going to crash on me! I thought of the day I wouldn’t wake up in this world but with the devil asking for his money back.

2 years later, I didn’t know what was up there nor the noise. The guys coming to park their cars right underneath my window were noisier than anything else.

I also lived in Port Chester NY. Hold house, second floor, and I could see the train going by at any time. Noisy as hell, got used to it.

No doubt. We grew up close to the cable cars (not directly on the line) so would hear the occasional ringing of the bell or the track rumbling noises as they went by. Yes, the noise fades into the background that one almost doesn’t know it is there. Issue here though is if you have small children, they def can’t play in the streets… It is again an interesting case to see what actually happens on the listing.

Boom, pended…nope, SF market is alive and well…


A mole, is sometimes not a bad thing, eh?

Uh yeah, it sold… it sells for 555k over asking baby!!!

Must be chump change for the buyer.

That, or just that people are willing to overlook flaws like this because of the relatively low inventory of nicer homes in good neighborhoods.

I told you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, I think it is safe to say that it is not every day or every city especially where someone is willing to pay well over 2M and over a half million dollars over the price tag to have trains rumble by his/her house from dawn to dusk…

Granted, non superstitious types will care less but here we have a beautiful WP home but it has a very unlucky address number that means easy to die. Gosh, will the Chinese buyers go for it anyway???