Facebook coming to San Francisco’s 181 Fremont

In a bid to increase its physical presence in San Francisco, Facebook signed the “largest office lease in three years,” according to San Francisco Business Times, inside the spinning needle-topped 181 Fremont luxury tower.

The company’s small Instagram team will be first to move into the space later this year after the building officially opens.

San Francisco Business Times reports,”The lease of 436,000 square feet was confirmed by Matt Lituchy, chief investment officer of landlord Jay Paul Co. Sources said the asking rent was around $80 per square foot.”


Cha-ching Fab 7x7 Owners!!! (despite lacking Algebra…)

Great for the jobs but no more parking space anywhere? Dang!

I am just waiting for Pollo Campero to open in San Jose to say adios to SF.

Once those FBers get a taste of the Fab 7x7 and all its offerings, everyone will be coming here. We got all the trappings to lure those millennials: restaurants, night life, activities…Sweet!!!

LOL…I said parking…

How about algebra?

They don’t need parking!!! Uber and Lyft users and public tranny yes will be more crowded… We are printing money here in the Fab 7x7!!!

Avocado toast just went up to $10 a slice!!! Yeeeehaw!!!

Dragonboy dreaming again…

Ring, ring…
Bezos: This is Jeff.
181 Fremont: Hi Jeff. I am afraid I have some bad news for you…
Bezos: What do you mean, bad news? When I cough, hundred dollar bills shoot out…what???
181 Fremont: I am afraid most of our building just got leased.
Bezos: What!!! By who?? Who has the balls (money) to beat me to it???
181 Fremont: Facebook
Bezos: Oh… Come on! I don’t want to go to freaking Austin or OMG Detroit!!! Those cities suck to high heaven. Food in those cities suck!!!
181 Fremont: Yes, Jeff, I know you secretly wanted Fab 7x7 all along and were just f*cking with those cities just to make them squirm in their panties for you.
Bezos: But, but, but, help me out. Cancel Facebook!!! I want the Fab 7x7!!!
181 Fremont: Sorry, Jeff. Maybe in your next life…

(Thank you, thank you very much… no really, thank you…)

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Booya! This is my neighborhood (ish). :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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You just made money…

Facebook is taking over the whole building. The article says the building has space for 3000 employees. Now Amazon’s HQ2 plans to take in 50k people. That means 16 skyscrapers like this one, if it were in a downtown environment like SF or SJ.

Of course we can handle it. Bring it on Jeff !! :smile:

Oh my the new office is adjacent to the Millennium Tower…must be a good lease deal.

Now FB coming to Fremont… https://www.bizjournals.com/sanjose/news/2017/12/01/facebook-signs-big-expansion-in-fremont-ardenwood.html

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Sweet…we should include your post in the “Why We Love Fremont So Much” thread…


and… they’re taking up all of 250 Howard as well. Close to double the floor space of 181 Fremont. This could easily take in a few thousand employees.