Facebook Sued For Allowing Discriminatory Housing Ads

What do you call RE ads in a foreign language? It’s the same thing.

Ooh, interesting…Is it the same thing???

You’re purposely excluding anyone that doesn’t speak that language. That’s discrimination.

That, is arguable…like the Chinese folks who only speak Chinese, so they advertise in the Chinese papers. And English could be a foreign language to a non English speaking person…

No discrimination. It’s a selective spending on advertising.

No one should be forced to waste advertising dollars on all the population.

An overly broadened “discrimation” can backfire and make discrimination more acceptable. If everything you do is discriminatory anyway, the law will lose its usefulness.

Technically it’s not. It doesn’t exclude say a white person who knows Chinese from responding to a Chinese ad. Practically of course it is. And that’s exactly the purpose.


It’s ok to post ad in any language. If that’s discrimation, discrimation should be legal or be legalized in advertising audience selection then.

All the ads are discriminatory in its audience selection. Discrimination is ok in this case.

Those housing advocates should pay for the legal expenses for the defandants when they lose.

Exactly, we all know why they are doing it.

There can be non-sinister reasons to target the ad too. If you have a 1-bd place, do you really want families who can’t rent it viewing your ad? I wouldn’t want to pay for those ad views. What about people that own in age restricted buildings? That’s another reason to target. Landlords that don’t allow pets could filter out pet owners. There’s some valid reasons to limit the audience.

Oh, for sure. The chinese newspaper strategy is a good one, until our tenants (non Asian) figured out that it was worth calling and probably an English speaking son/daughter might pick up. We were the first ones on our street to happen to rent to non Asians. Remember, there were days when non Asians weren’t interested in this area…

Ad targeting is inherently “discriminatory” if you want to spin it that way. Targeting literally means excluding certain groups. If not how can it be targeting at all?

Even if people agree these types of ad targeting is wrong, and I don’t agree it is, how can we say it’s facebook’s problem? Facebook just builds the tools. If a person slams a car into pedestrian do we then sue the car manufacturer?


If google targets its job postings to black and Latino students heavily, is it discrimanation?

If a female landlord posts housing ads on female group, is it discrimation?

If Manch sells his house on this forum, is it a discrimination to non-investors?

Selling to investors is dumb. Doll up your properties and sell to RE newbies for peremium. :smiling_imp:

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Is this somehow similar to why Craigslist deleted their personals section?

There are actually for rent ads on the windows of job-referral companies in Chinatown, in hand written Chinese. I passed by one the other day and saw some restaurants-for-sale ads there too. You can also find for rent ads outside Chinese supermarkets like 99 Ranch.

That’s not the issue. The issue is in the bolded word.

Housing advocates filed a federal lawsuit against Facebook in a Manhattan courtroom this morning, alleging that the social network and advertising platform enables landlords and real estate brokers to exclude families with children, women, and other protected classes from seeing housing ads.

Yes, old school way (to advertise for jobs, babysitters, apts). That is why one could stay in Chinatown and not need to go anywhere else!!! You got a hospital and all the freaking groceries you need. Your primary doc is there. My mom’s CPA is there. We essentially have the police and fire departments nearby. Come on, everybody, let’s move to Chinatown!!! Yeah!!!:grin:

Lawyers go after rich guys and businesses. According to BAGB, laws are always written ambiguously, is up to lawyers to prove the case.

The goals of the liberals is to have billions of laws for you so that everyone will break 2 laws every hour. This will make everyone guilty. It’s easy to control a guilty men or women.

Ambiguous laws are the hallmark of the liberalism when the new law itself is questionable. So they make the new laws ambiguous so that their law school friends can profit.

An ambiguous law is 100x effective in controlling the people. Fear, uncertainty and ambiguity is the best weapon to make a brave man into a coward.

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Discrimination is discrimination. It’s complete BS that society only cares about discrimination against protected classes of people.