Fair Housing Act The Key?


Fair Housing Act will get Trumped. Don’t get your hopes too high…

This author might be a Republican who hates over-regulation. He claims that rent control increases housing cost and bad for certain groups–such as African-Americans. Rent control is only the symptom of deep blue cities.

This author will be definitely an enemy of California democrats. He wants to use Fair Housing Act to force democratic cities to get rid of many regulations, thus cause blue cities to slowly become red.

“He notes that various regulations, such as zoning, rent control, and urban growth boundaries, have been found demonstrably to increase housing costs. And because certain groups–such as African-Americans–have lower median incomes, these regulations have a “disparate impact” on them, often driving them from select cities.”

“For three years, I’m circling America to live for a month each in 30 cities, starting from Miami and ending in New York City. The point is to write a book about revitalizing cities through Market Urbanism—which is the intersection of free-market economics with urban issues. But my articles also cover other city subjects. My inspiration for this trip began in my early twenties, when I visited America’s 100 largest cities using a Greyhound “Discovery Pass.” I was struck by the poor conditions in many, and after returning to my hometown of Charlottesville, VA, researched for several years about their causes for decline. My conclusion was that cities had over-relied on their governments to spur growth, only to become hampered by high taxes, regulations, and capital flight. My writing advocates for municipal government reform, and in my 2-year journalism career, has been widely published, including by the Wall Street Journal, Atlantic, Governing Magazine, and National Review. I blog at BigCitySparkplug.com.”



We have a business minded President and Republican controlled houses. Why shouldn’t we expect some crazy sheet to come down the pipe???

Yeah, building house is CRAZY!