Fake News Alert: Best Bakery in CA is in Sac!

Well, actually in Folsom. I call fake news!

That, my friend, is why I don’t trust Yelp.

Yelp is mostly fine. That is like saying Craigslist is useless just because of say a reported scam or fraud report. Do you know how many people have benefited from Craigslist over the years? And keep in mind, it is mostly FREE. How about this, Yelp is great if you have absolutely no clue so you should be at least ok (assuming you pick something with enough strong votes). We are better because of the services like Yelp and Craigslist than not. Fair?

OK. But this best bakery in Folsom bit is a travesty of justice. In our entire big beautiful state. Really?

Right, especially when Bon Appetit named this bakery in the Richmond District the best in the US!!!

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Damn! Only now you tell me?! OK. I need to try it.

Yes, it had gotten so bad that it apparently had to limit the number of croissants you can buy. I guess people were buying them all and hawking them off on the street or something…

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There are several bakeries in San Jose that would beat the hell out of those fake bakeries. And they are cheap.

Sorry, I guess Bon Appetit didn’t know what a San Jose was in order to check them out…I am so sure they are the bomb though…:slight_smile:

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Believe me, Mexican bakeries do miracles when it comes to make you…hmm…fat? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nope, I stand corrected… THIS food establishment gets higher Yelp ratings and scoring than even my chicken wing place…WOW (and 3 locations) My youngster co-workers say this So Cal bakery is THE BOMB…