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Critical week


US stocks set to slip as investors kick off a busy week of US-China trade talks, Fed meeting, and Apple earnings

Busier than we thought.

  • Key negotiators are due to hold meetings on trade between the US and China on Wednesday and Thursday in Washington. China’s top economic aide will meet with US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

  • Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will hold a news conference after the central bank’s rate decision on Wednesday.


F10 is still relevant. Both AAPL and BABA jump more than 5% after earning. AH has FB, MSFT and TSLA reporting :crazy_face:


I missed babas jump. I think I owned too much I lost track… :rofl:


The only China company I watch is BABA as it is similar to AMZN.


On the cusp of Amazon earning release, here’s another one of a million ways Amazon can win:

Use data from AWS to inform investment decisions

Amazon can leverage its proprietary data from AWS (Amazon Web Services). Amazon’s edge is that most of the best technology start-ups are built on its services. Amazon has a lot of information about how much these companies are spending, what services they use, what technologies they use, and more.

The AWS data could be extremely predictive and give Amazon early signs that companies are growing fast or reaching an inflection point. And it can use the data as a better diligence check of a company … for instance, the data could help determine which companies that claim they have “AI” are real and which are just marketing.


When the company is at the top, everybody think it can dominate everything. It can’t even beat SHOP! for helping companies do e-commerce. IMHO, is a danger sign that the peak is near or has already peaked.
Disclosure: Owned 1 AMZN :slight_smile:


SHOP is a cult stock like TSLA.


It also makes them way easier to acquire and integrate.

That was a startup running on AWS that Amazon bought.


That is going into CSCO and MSFT territory!


You are comparing Apples and Oranges.

SHOP is trying to get equity money from investors for its future. They are money eater without even having any plan. It is like junk bond.

TSLA is innovation, product launch, changes future of the world how it operates, EV leader. Whole world - China, Gulf, Eu, Japan, Australia and US,recognizes TSLA and its predominance.

You see how China encourages TSLA to come, How Saudi is solid way buying 5% stake of TSLA. In fact, my teens , when in high school, told me to buy TSLA at $41 which I was not aware at that time.

Only few people in this forum do not understand why 400000 orders were pre-booked people standing in queues. This is like FORD of early 1900s.

Being in bay area, just near by where innovation is taking place, many do not understand the TSLA’s significance !

This is like “Other side is always green”.


Do TSLA has a profitable business model?


SHOP is growing revenue at 58% with 55% gross margins. Yes, they are a bunch of idiots with no plan.


FB surging.


FB up 7.5%


How many FBs do @Boolean have?
Please list your FB holdings, @manch, @Jil and @wuqijun


2 questions:

  1. Whose portfolio increased by 6 digits today? (already know @hanera’s did)

  2. Who bought FB due to FOMO?



@manch, @Jil

If you want to learn EW voodoo, you need to give me a free meal :slight_smile: FA :-1:
Guess how much is below worth 2mrw :slight_smile: Yes, I added 100 more equivalent shares :wink:
The 700 equivalent shares would be up $9k 2mrw :joy:

AAPL, BABA and FB super duper :pig::pig::pig:
TSLA and MSFT :-1:
Didn’t have any MSFT :slight_smile: micro sucks. have some testacles.



Tsla is actually very bullish. It did not sink like aapl and fb did in the past quarter. So overall it held up better.


Didn’t study TSLA chart carefully. Just glance at the chart. If it is in uptrend, 2mrw is a good time to add to ride the ensuing up wave to $335. I think I will double my stake to 12 :wink: No time to analyze TSLA in detail so no long calls.