FANGMANT/ Manificient Seven + NFLX

NVDA beats, good guidance, stock tumbles 6.71% during AH.
Closed $153.68:grinning:

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NVDA can’t be counted on.

Safer bets: TSLA and NFLX

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The race is on for the AI chip

Should you buy NVDA? 3 Pros and 3 Cons.

How low would NVDA decline to before a strong re-bounce (or never :relaxed:)?

After foolishly selling at around $130, I’m eager to get back in :cry:

Wait, you didn’t learn from your Aapl experience? Why did you sell at 130???

Didn’t do much research then, bought it because is a momentum stock that everybody talk about. After more reading on the web aka research, NVDA seems like a good stock for the long term even though is an overcrowded trade now.

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How high you think NVDA will rise? Overtaking INTC?

Market cap of INTC is only 82% higher than NVDA. So even if NVDA gets as high as INTC it’s not 2x. Unless you think NVDA will go higher than INTC. I am not so sure about that, looking at the addressable market.

Definitely a risky bet for sure. But so is Tesla and nflx.

I already missed the boat. So will not buy any unless I’m switching from one stock to another. So to buy nvda means selling either Tsla or nflx.

Should be 3-5x current eventually. INTC can also move up so, no point comparing with INTC.

NVDA is no longer perfect, after being perfect

Was Nvidia bad? No, it had a product transition that made it incapable of blowing out the data center number. The problem is, the really, really, really, great companies are always having product transitions, and they usually have a smoother one.

That’s the real worry. Not demand. Not demand at all. So, there will be a price that Nvidia can be bought.

Hopefully is around $120 :grinning:

It’s incredible how one company can control so much sector mind share. That’s what happens, though, when one company dominates the data center, the autonomous car, gaming, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence and voice. Wow, that’s’ some line-up. No wonder it’s ultimately the one to buy.

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I just read wiki page about Lisa Su.
Her career trajectory is very impressive.
She seems to be a person with high IQ and EQ as well as good business sense.
Interestingly, both Lisa and Jensen are from Taiwan.
I wonder what is AMD employee’s view on Lisa Su.

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They view her as their fairy godmother :wink:

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NVDA valuation is at an extreme

Given our increased EPS estimates, we are raising our fair value estimate to $120 from $106 based on a 32 times multiple on our new fiscal 2019 EPS estimate of $3.75.

Come to papa :grinning:

Why not invest in TSLA instead, @hanera. It’s a no brainer. Once Model 3 becomes a success the stock will skyrocket like no tomorrow.

Another crowded trade like NVDA :tired_face: When is Model 3 out or already out? Too lazy to even search content on TSLA :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Does Elon Musk has any unhealthy hobbies like diving, flying cessna, skiing, hand gliding, drive sport car at high speed…

His hobby is trolling the shorts on twitter. Not going to kill anyone unless the shorts have a bad case of high blood pressure… :rofl:

Great story. I hope she continues to do well for herself and the company.

Today, TSLA green 1.68% but NVDA green over 5%. Mr Market loves NVDA more today.