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Longest bull recently 1982-2000


At least wait for a breakdown in the technicals before you go short. Shorting while the technicals are strong is just foolish. You don’t need to catch the beginning of the downturn to make a ton of money on it. However, being early can cause you to lose a fortune.


May be he saw technical breakdowns.


Never short anything. Will do you no good. I am a diehard skeptic of cryptocurrencies but even I wouldn’t short bitcoin. Just long your favorite assets. Plain and simple.


I wouldn’t call that a technical breakdown. It tested the 50-day and held. I wouldn’t consider it a breakdown until 50-day crosses 200-day (death cross). That’s holding the uptrend every time it’s tested. That’s a great pattern to stay long or even get more long.


200-day not 50-day. 50-day didn’t hold.

It did happen in Apr 2016 :smiley:


Craps players hate those who play the don’t passline


It barely crossed for a day or two? It’s hard to tell with how small the chart is. I’d hardly jump to short something on that. I wonder if it had a weekly close below it?


Frankly no idea why he shorted AMZN :smiley: There is really no technical breakdown… guess he is trying to jump the gun.


Since Aug 28,

F10 … .+21.75% :face_with_raised_eyebrow: new ATH
AAPL…+10.52% :grinning: new ATH
TSLA…+1.26% :roll_eyes: Incredible recovery, did wuqijun jabs Elon like a beetle?
TCEHY…+40.51% :star_struck: Overtook AMZN 36.84%
mCap…-11.08% :persevere: recovering
sCap… +10.31% :slightly_smiling_face: new ATH. Past 10% for the first time


Market reverses early morning gain because of wider loss in GE, and below consensus sales forecast by TI. Market smells trouble ahead.


Is TI representative of the hot trends in tech? GE is a mess.



Now you tell me!


Since Aug 28,

F10 … .+29.31% :face_with_raised_eyebrow: new ATH, incredible momentum
AAPL…+6.22% :disappointed_relieved::sweat: BTIG slams AAPL.
TSLA…-0.81% :roll_eyes: back to negative zone
NFLX…+64.11% :star_struck: took the reins from AMZN 48.21% and TCEHY 47.18%
mCap…-9.10% :persevere: recovering
sCap… +12.85% :grinning: overtook AAPL but lag further behind F10


I sold my AAPL today. I still think they’ll grow, but I think others will grow faster.


Selling AAPL and buy what?


I added to UBNT, NTNX, VEEV, and SHOP. They’re return is 3x AAPL the last 5 months.


Can’t add any more to VEEV… planned size already.
Fully regretted in selling UBNT and SHOP, now wonder I should bite the bullet and buy back after 10% appreciation from sold price. I think I will go the route of long calls (LEAPS) rather than underlying… go aggressive to catch up :slight_smile: NTNX seems to be weakening… hopefully :slight_smile: sold 300 shares, left with 300 shares… not another regret, please.


2mrw earning: AMZN, GOOG, AAPL, BABA

Anyone game to trade the earning? Short or long?

Today is FB and MSFT. Long or short?