Fang, ant, bat


Good… you just need 4 more to make it an even 8! :rofl:


No change in my BAT holdings. Glad I’m selling calls against my BABA and BIDU though.



Who are those old people sitting on top slowing me down? :rage:


Taxes :slight_smile:


My eyes hurt. Where are the greens?


AMZN, NFLX, and SHOP are green. Closed a bunch of covered calls today and sold 2 weeks out again.


Green no more! Correction came :scream:


SHOP is red. Btw, your option action is called rolled out :slight_smile:


REITs are taking a beating…sniff…


The 10-year rate is spiking up, thus spooking the market. We discussed that in another thread. That is the single biggest risk in 2018.


Cool, guess can grab something reasonable in SV soon!
I’m targeting 94087. Please go away, guys :slight_smile:


Since Aug 28,

F10 … .+23.58% :thinking: One week after new ATH, declined by 7%
AAPL…-0.60% :disappointed_relieved: Negative!
TSLA…-0.55% :roll_eyes: Negative! Jinxed by some1 both both AAPL and TSLA.
NFLX…+60.02% :star_struck: took the reins from AMZN 51.12%
mCap…-15.57% :disappointed_relieved: Double digit negative
sCap… +9.24% :grinning: Lost 3%


F10 got killed today. To BTFD or not to BTFD?
Is this a 10% correction as predicted by pundits or beginning of a bear market?
AAPL and AMZN show relative strength :genie:

37 PM


SPY knifed through the 50-day. We are at least in a medium-term correction. 200-day will be a critical test. It’s been 7 years since we were below it.


There is some cash in my son’s brokerage, time to deploy into VFINX if it hits 200-day SMA :slight_smile:


Comedian Jim Carrey urges people to delete their Facebook accounts and dump the stock



Why VFINX (0.17 ER) instead of VOO (0.05 ER)?
Second, why 200-day SMA hit?

When VFINX hits 200 SMA, market falls into 25% from peak which is recessionary ! Once in such mode, economy recovers over 12-18 months as it will trigger lot of lay offs.

Do you think 200 SMA is the lowest possible?


I’m ready for recession :slight_smile: I am like tomato, desperate for a recession to buy 1 SFH in not PA but in 94087/ 95014/ 95129/ 95130 :slight_smile:

Frankly, no idea whether is recession or not because Feb is usually soft for stock market after the euphoria in Jan :slight_smile: Need Mar to confirm :slight_smile: Would lose tons in sCap but is ok, savings in a SFH is worth it :rofl: By the look of it, probability of S&P drops another 10% is more than 50% :frowning:

VOO is an ETF. VFINX is an index fund which distribute dividends quarterly. Other than lower expense ratio, why is VOO better?


VOO is low ER, pays dividend and exactly like SP500. Negative of VOO is that we can not move money automatically buying fraction of shares. Positive is that we can buy/sell any time during the day like stocks.

I always prefer ETFs than Mutual funds.