Fang, ant, bat


Not interested. Good luck if you want to do that yourself… :wink:


That’s right! Although I just found out that I saved 30k in tax this year due to casualty… ok I need to plan a couple more trips and indulge… :laughing:




Yes… one of my condos caught fire and burnt down in an inferno. :scream:




At least do you know how much per year you can save?
If you have saved for 19 years how it can be likely using tax advantages Avenue ?


Who cares? Bigger fish to fry elsewhere. Good luck and stop dragging me back into this conversation… let’s end it here ok? :laughing:


I was holding onto a small amount of TWLO. :smiley:


Ok, you guys did give me some ideas. So I just liquidated some of my “dead weights” in my IRA account and bought TCEHY. Wish me luck guys! If tencent exploded from here then I’ll buy both @manch and @Jil lunch. However, might have to wait until my 65th birthday for that to happen since it’s in an IRA… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Are stocks trying to go back to their ATH?


Absolutely, you got it! :laughing:


There’s definitely some leaders emerging. I’m cautious with option trades right now. We’re still below the 50-day which will be a resistance point on the way back up. It provided no support on the way down, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens. 10-day is below the 50 which is not great.

I only get aggressive when there’s alignment of the 200-50-10 in ascending order and the market is above the 10. The rest of the time is about being patient and analyzing who’s going to lead the next leg higher. I like to review the chart for each SPY sector to see which sector is leading, then look for leaders within that sector.


Why are F10 still so strong?
My plan to buy NVDA, AMZN and FB is foiled again.



AAPL :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
TSLA: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
NFLX: :heart_eyes:
BIDU: :heart_eyes:
TCEHY: :heart_eyes:


Since Aug 28,

F10 … .+25.56% :roll_eyes: Up 7%
AAPL…+6.79% :rofl: Here we go again
TSLA…-2.94 :neutral_face: Recovering
NFLX…+66.66% :star_struck: Streaming video is so profitable?
mCap…-14.7% :disappointed_relieved: Hardly change
sCap… +8.3 % :angry: Appreciate less than F10


NFLX and TSLA are similar. Both enjoy burning money.


There was a time when AMZN was doing the exact same. And for years.



Since Aug 28,

F10 … .+28.96% :roll_eyes: Up 3%
AAPL…+8.72% :rofl: That’s the way, I like it
TSLA…+1.85% :grinning: Finally positive
NFLX…+71.09% :star_struck: Momentum baby
mCap…-8.54% :disappointed_relieved: Recovering
sCap… +8.8 % :angry: 20% behind F10


YTD appreciation of two of the F10 is spectacular,