Fang, ant, bat


Reversed yesterday and then some. Oh well.


You used to brag about your heavily concentrated portfolio of FB, TWTR, YELP, and TSLA. You were completely against diversification, since it would dilute gains. Now you’ve owned 7 stocks that weren’t part of that 4 for years?


Um… I never said I’ve only owned those 4.

Also, “brag” is the wrong word of choice here. I’m only sharing the secret to my success.


Yelp is underperforming Domino’s Pizza…


Are you posting this to disparage me? If so, whatever you posted does not disprove my points, nor has it lessen my resolve at all.


What was your point?

I am testing your resolves. :smiling_imp:

Seriously there is more than tech out there. I am also heavily concentrated in tech. I am branching out a little bit to other areas this year.


No I will not sell Yelp for Dominos if that’s what you are trying to lead me into doing… I don’t know anything about Dominos, but I do know Jeremy :slight_smile:


Manch is having fun exploring stocks. Btw I own over 30 counters :slight_smile: Small amount per counter.


Time to spill the beans and show us everything. :smiling_imp:


Domino pizza not only performing better than Yelp, but also exceeding AAPL last 10 years !



Domino vs. TSLA. Likes please… :rofl:


AAPL is better than DPZ.

Since DPZ’s IPO,


Yes. Why invest into a pizza delivery service when you can invest into an iPhone maker? :wink:


Selective timeframe comparison is misleading :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bought 6 BABA, now have,
6 FB

Taking advantage of the apparently rotation out of megacap to assemble F10.
Sad to say, with today’s red, red $50 :persevere:


Come on, buy the rest! :rofl:


6 shares? Or 6 calls?


6 shares :grinning:
Only long calls when there is an advantage like you tell me some insider info or when the stock price tumbles with no good reasons e.g. from Citron’s Andrew bad mouthing or decline near 50-day/ 200-day SMAs.

Frankly, hardly lose in long calls and usually make at least 100%. Main reason is because I wait for the setup :slight_smile: However, have been timid because not au fait with the small cap businesses (out of work for a long time, and technology has changed so much). When I left the IT industry, it is a Wintel world and three tiered client-server. So completely don’t understand cloud-computing, AI and e-commerce (when I left is rudimentary).


Buy to curse F10 except AAPL :slight_smile: bought 6 NVDA

6 FB

Red $100… now need manch to sponsor the dim sum lunch.


No goog, Nflx, and Tsla?