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The only attractive stock I can think now is FB. This is being hit too much now, but eventually FB will come out strong. This is not a short term call, but for long term focus FB is good now between 150 and 155 range.


It’s in the range right now. BTFD?


Since manch has short memory, posting yesterday’s 10 years chart for FB again.


Oh wow I’m glad I bought it at $38. No need to worry about whether I should buy it here or not :slight_smile:


Accumulation of F10 stocks
24 FB - 4 times overweight
50 TCEHY - 2 times overweight
3 TSLA - Owned 3 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
2 GOOG - 2 times overweight

All red :cry:

DCA purchasing is not :wink: BTFD


You need to expand this portfolio 100x. Do that now and turn that into a $1.5M portfolio!


Btw, for those new to options, is very risky to average down long calls because,

  • Negative delta
  • Negative theta
  • High IV when declining, lower IV when recovering

So even if price recovers, still lose huge sum of money if it does so slowly.


Go SV :slight_smile:


Accumulation of F10 stocks
24 FB - 4 times overweight
50 TCEHY - 2 times overweight
12 NVDA - 2 times overweight
2 GOOG - 2 times overweight


The sum of F9 should be equal to your AAPL holdings. In that event you are well balanced and diversified. Why not completely marginize your AAPL holdings and purchase the F9?


Working on it.


It will consist of the quarterly futures contracts of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google’s Alphabet plus another five actively-traded technology growth stocks: Alibaba, Baidu, Nvidia, Tesla and Twitter.

It is also equally-weighted: each stock contributes 10 percent, regardless of market capitalization. It will have at least 10 stocks, but could contain more.


An exchange guy is lurking in this forum? Essentially F10 with TCEHY replaced with Twitter :slight_smile: because TCEHY is not listed on the exchange but somehow I can buy using my Fidelity account?


Commodities are not doing well too,


Boring stocks are doing ok,



I noticed that too, people are moving from speculative assets to value stocks, going behind fundamentals.


I did that a month ago. Dipped my toe in FB. .
Amazon maybe at 1300?



TCEHY is an OTC traded stock. That’s why you can trade it on Fidelity. I can trade it on IB too, but there are no options for it.

I don’t get the big dividend payers going up in value. If people think rates are going higher, then those should drop.


During uncertainty, investors tend to sell growth buy defensive. Defensive stocks are mostly dividend payers and boring. Question is why defensive stocks and not Treasuries, not cash? My speculation is:

  • Cash is not insured
  • In case they are wrong, market goes up, still can ride the rally till confirmed and then switched to growth
  • Tons of money buy Treasuries :slight_smile: