Fang, ant, bat


Both AMZN and FB purchases are still red, need manch to pay for the dim sum lunch.


Invite me too.


me too. I love dim sum. and get @elt1. I owe him a ride on the model 3


My fb calls are kind of working so far.

One reason i was very worried :slight_smile:


So you would paying for 5 of us? Lei Garden or Hai De Lao? After that, Icicles, ok?


The young ones should pay… :smiley:


Nope. I told you i am cheap :slight_smile:


Everybody pays for themselves. How long have you guys been living in America? How come still behave like Chinese people?


My model 3 is ready, but I am waiting for a day or two to finalize.

Now, I need TSLA to go down so that I can buy shares !


Nice! I got the darker silver option. loving it. The red looks awesome too (when it’s clean. Lol)


It was at $250 not long ago. That was the abyss I think.


Yes, It was 251, I was even tempted to buy, but stayed away from market.

Any case, I registered for 2 Tesla, and buying one only now. Another friend wanted the other one.


Not part of this conversation but I feel the urge to copy Yoda’s habit. Here’s your Chinese idiom of the day:

Ever heard of 有大食大?


Facebook: Tremendous Buying Opportunity $FB

Facebook’s forward P/E of 21x is at historical lows, and it’s now the cheapest of the FANG stocks.


Facebook: $1 Trillion In 24 Months $FB


Ok, I would heloc my primary to raise fund to buy buy buy FB :slight_smile:


FOMO!! :hugs:


In Singapore, we use kiasu :roll_eyes:


1t$ in 24mo? I call bs.


TTM net income for FB: 15B and GOOG: 21B. FB is growing net income at 50% rate, so in FY18 Facebook would make as much net income as Google in FY17. Both have around the same forward PE, so Facebook by the end of 2018 could have market cap north of 700B.

One more year of similar growth could push Facebook past 1T.

If not 2 years how about 3 years? I can wait one more year. No problem. :smile:

WhatsApp is hugely dominating everywhere except China. Looking at what Tencent is doing with WeChat I think there are tons of untapped monetizing opportunities. Ditto for FB Messenger.