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Since Aug 28,

F10 … .+21.10% :ok_hand: Up 5%
AAPL…+8.16% :+1: Up 4%
TSLA…-13.11% :nose: Not much change
NFLX…+86.48% :fu: Traders are crazy
mCap…-10.86% :-1: Not good
sCap… +23.13% :clap: Not good enough


I bought the Netflix of China: iqiyi. Hopefully it will pull of similar performance as Netflix.

I continue to be wrong on Netflix. :sob:


Jony is a perfect dog name. Especially for hairless dogs that just stare at you.


You don’t know? I told you that day.
hanera is not an indian name. it means han era, 韩时代, btw, I’m not Korean. Obviously, also not descendent of刘邦.


Anyone trading NFLX earnings on Monday? The $310-$320 weekly call spread pays 2:1 if the stock hits $320.


iqiyi is owned by your nemesis, Baidu.


I don’t have enemies. Whoever makes me :dollar: is my dear friend. :hugs:


I don’t remember but ok it makes sense :slight_smile:


I thought you were one of those SW Japanese anime fans.


Bought it at $67 per share. Not selling nor buying more. Hold for long term.


If they disappoint… :scream:


We need to ban you from using the screaming emoji :smile:


Which stock?




You rock ! True investor.


Where was I when all these great investments were being made?? Were there stock discussions on old Redfin forum? I feel like I might have ignored those threads and focused on the real estate stuff :frowning:


It’s never too late to invest. When I bought FB way back in 2012 at $38 per share I thought I totally overpaid. Same with NFLX, goog, Tsla, bidu, baba, etc…


I do feel like it’s too late :frowning:

I will make my investment list for when the market drops another 20%.


Not too late for sq.

Also if stripe ipos… That is the one to put all your money on.


You really like payment platforms @tomato