Fang, ant, bat


Why do you even need a financial planner? You don’t need anybody to tell you when you can retire. Not to mention that paying for this type of advice for the financially savvy folks is just absurd.


Yes, pay me, @sfdragonboy, I can offer you better advice with 1/2 the price.


Never take financial advice from people with less money than you. Just like you don’t ask virgins for sex tips.


Well, I think it is good to have someone trained in the field at least weigh in. Couldn’t hurt…


Crook. He can get it here for free.

That is the biggest scam ever. If they are so great they will not be stuck at their 9-5 job earning pennies on giving these “valuable” advice.


I hear what you are saying, but still, I do believe there is some value to having someone in the field at least weigh in with some standard concepts/strategies that should make it more clearer as to where I stand.


No need to keep advertising that you’re experienced :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Most so-called financial advisers are complete BS artists.


More experienced or more money?


Financial advisor or planner is for financial illiterate. I think they have their value, but don’t let them manage investment for you. You can pay them by hours for their analysis and advice. Disclaimer: I never did this


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ok, I trust…!

If it is upswing, why did you get rid of your margins and came to 2007 level of cash only investment?


??? I haven’t gotten rid of anything…


OMG. Definitely clueless…


@Jil’s talking about this:

I need to get paid for doing translations here.


What I said there is very different from the way @jil interpreted it as.


Which is why I am seeking help…:grinning:


Since Aug 28,

F10 … .+34.66% :roll_eyes: Tumbled nearly 7% from 12 days ago
AAPL…+14.64% :disappointed_relieved: Painfully slow
TSLA…-0.18% :persevere: Negative again
AMZN…+79.68% :sunglasses:
NFLX…+134.22% :star_struck: Trade wars and Fed rate have no impact
DimSum…+6.27% (didn’t start from Aug 2017) :thinking: Can overtake F10?


what is DimSum?


I see you have not been reading forum for awhile. Recall manch and I have a bet. If market cap of either AMZN or FB overtook AAPL within 5 years from Dec 31, 2017, I owes him a dim sum lunch. If not, he owes me a dim sum lunch. In order to hedge the bet, I bought some AMZN and FB to make it a win-win. If I lost the bet, I make $ in AMZN & FB. If I won the bet, I get a free dim sum lunch. After buying AMZN and FB, I decided might as well buy the other 7 members of the F10 (FANG, ANT, BAT)… obviously no need to buy the 8th stock since I owned AAPL. I call the portfolio comprises the F10 less AAPL, the dimsum portfolio. On further thought, since I bought it in the same account as some of my AAPL holdings, I was thinking might as well try to margin buy up to 30% of the worth of AAPLs. And since I didn’t buy the same weightage as the F10 and in accumulation mode (scaling in gradually), I am wondering whether I can beat the F10 index eventually. Just a challenge for myself. Unfortunately I have not thought of how to compare when I started so can’t comment whether the portfolio is moving faster or slower than F10 index.

The weightage of F10 index is somewhere in this thread.


DimSum is a Chinese restaurant where you don’t order things but they constantly bring things to your table and ask you if you want any. It translates to “little snacks”. it is not a stock.