Fang, ant, bat


I will wait for a more established up-trend. Bought some AMZN and FB instead.


I bought 50 NFLX at appx $329. Cool !


I’m glad I replaced the China stocks with NFLX.




NFLX!!! I’m happpppyyyyyyy :slight_smile:


@harriet Hope you bought some


NFLX? No. I don’t watch Netflix either.


Do you realize how weird you are…


Only for now. You might be crying in a couple years. Investing is a marathon not a sprint.


That’s true. That’s why it’s critical to keep saving money and buying more investments.


TSLA is another crazy one, it can jump sky high one day ! To my knowledge, TSLA float is very low.

Do not like to have Dim Sum Lunch invite from hanera?


I’m an endangered species :innocent:


I bought some calls when it was aeound 350. Cha ching


Btw, true story of my near encounter with Reed Hastings of Netflix.

My company has a suite at SAP stadium. Got some tickets for the Marc Anthony concert at SAP stadium.

Middle of the concert was going to the restroom and came across an older guy returning to the suites from the restrooms who looked familiar. After entering restroom finally realized it was Reed Hastings , but when I checked he was already gone!

Went back to the suite. If anyone has been to these there are glass separations in the forward areas of the suite and I notice that he is in the right next suite!!! enjoying the concert.


Get a free account for a month, if you haven’t done it already.


That’s God telling you to buy NFLX. Did you listen? :smile:


I knew about the free trial; Hulu has something similar. Still not interested :slight_smile:


Apparently T-Mobile offers free perpetual Netflix subscription; my friend was telling me about it today, FYI in case you didn’t know…


How do you guy feel about NFLX now? Post earnings excitement is over and now back down to earth.


NFLX has more subscribers than cable TV. That’s crazy. Also, I remember seeing they are changing their subscriber count to not include people on a free trial. That’ll actually create more stability in the number. Before they’d report some artificially high numbers due to free trials, then it’d appear subscriber growth stopped the next quarter. That wasn’t really the case. I think removing that volatility will help avoid big down swings. It also makes sense to only count paid subscribers.