Fang, ant, bat


Amzn and Nvda very much possible reaching those prices. But google is beyond your reach.


Too high? I adjust to $500-$700.
Forgot to mention
GTC BUY FB $115-120


Many buys so have to be a large range.
I don’t aim to buy 1 price nor try to wait patiently for the price to come to me, I prefer to scale in over a range. If it hits the lowest price, long calls.


I hope you still have your TSLA GTC at $240 :rofl:


Still there :exploding_head:


Not useful. Just buy it at market price the next time market opens :slight_smile:


Start with 100%,
lost 50% end of first year
make 300% end of 2nd year
lost 50% end of 3rd year
After 3 years, still the same 100% :face_with_monocle:

Start with 100% in index fund yielding 11% per year, at the end of 3rd year, get 136% :yum:


Make 100% 4th and 5th year.

After end of 5th year, 300% vs 150% only with index.


At the end of 6th year, lost 50% so 150% vs 187% with index fund.
Btw, end of 5th year is 169% for index fund.
For index fund,
At the end of 10 years, 284%
At the end of 15 years, 478%
At the end of 20 years, 806%
At the end of 30 years, 2289%
So for long investment timeframe, hard to beat index fund.
Have @zensri invested in index fund, he won’t give up on stocks :crazy_face:

Annualized return of AAPL since IPO is 18%.
End of 5th year is 229%, 6th is 270%.


The guy has three 50% down years but index fund keeps 11% gain year after year? So unlucky?

S&P500 year to date is negative.


Not at home, when I got home, will check some historical timeframe for index. The point is hard to beat index fund over a ver long period of time. The short timeframe illustration is just to stir some discussions, index fund usually don’t compare well in short time frame.


I don’t doubt the index fund numbers. But you yourself didn’t make most of your stock market money from index funds. It’s like telling people to eat vegetables but you yourself feast on steak day in day out.


I came to USA in 2002 :exploding_head: then aware of index fund, bought AAPLs in 1997. Since landed in USA, didn’t buy any AAPLs, but have been DCA purchasing index fund :triumph: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


So what’s ratio of the equity you have in AAPL vs index fund? 50:50? Or 90:10? :smile:




I am just trying to gauge whether you are veggie guy or a steak guy. Looks to me you are a steak guy.


I thought he said he doesn’t own any Apple :dizzy_face:


How can he get rid of such a qualified dividend (15% tax) payer for life?
It is like your TSLA, stays with him forever.

I still wonder how he did not buy bulk TSLA even after seeing your screen proof !


If someone wants to follow WB, with his new IPO, buy STNE as it just came to market.

This is Argentine payment processor. Argentina is in worst period of economic crisis, but IMF approved 59 Bln funds to Argentina last Friday.

Lot of big funds have taken maximum allotment. The stock is likely to go up in future as they are already profit producing company.

The sec filing (this is the only info available)


Because he had no faith. Also, he doesn’t need it. He can keep relying on Apple.