Fang, ant, bat


What happened? Didn’t follow this issue. Only know my solar stocks went up many folds and now in deep red.


Huge increase in stock value due to expected revenue increase. Roll out took far longer than anyone thought and spending was much lower as many telecom companies went bankrupt. The stocks tanked and never recovered. I had a Merrill Lynch account back then. Got killed on Ericsson, Cypress, and AMCC which were all on whatever they called their list of top picks back then.


Since Aug 28,

F10 … +11.04% :grinning: MegaCap is the way to go
AAPL…+6.83% :rofl: The one that matter is fast rising
TSLA…-11.45% :roll_eyes: Did Elon Musk took his eyes off?
NVDA…+26.50% :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Why bother about others?
mCap…-9.78% :cry: Bear raid of LQMT
sCap…-0.09% :neutral_face: slightly negative


TOM LEE: The market will end the year lower — ‘We have a nominal GDP problem’ but FANG rocks. F10 is apparently the safe place to be for the next decade :roll_eyes: the world belongs to mega cap businesses.



All red again? Why is Nikkei selloff? Why is tax reform delayed?


Too much too fast. Correction is coming…


You’re Tom Lee? Or his prodigy?


Who’s Tom Lee???


You have short memory? Just read few posts ahead. Or is that a rhetoric or sarcasm?


The bears are loose


Since Aug 28,

F10 … +11.90% :grinning: Still leading
AAPL…+8.17% :rofl: The one that matter is catching up with F10
TSLA…-12.34% :roll_eyes: Elon Musk losing interest?
NVDA…+31.02% :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Why bother about others?
mCap…-2.01% :cry: LQMT recovered a little. Sold SYNA & AMBA. Left only LQMT & SPWR.
sCap… +1.23% :roll_eyes: Back from the grave

All the three portfolio (F10, mCap and sCap) have an underperforming relative to its value on Aug 28 stock, TSLA, LQMT, and IRBT. So far, active trading underperforming index F10 and passive buy and hold AAPL.


Since Aug 28,

F10 … +12.40% :grinning: Still leading
AAPL…+5.38% :slightly_smiling_face: Soften a bit from ATH
TSLA…-8.86% :relieved: Recovering
NVDA…+28.12% :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Why bother about others?
mCap…-2.09% :sweat: Bear bites
sCap… +3.41% :laughing: Late bloomer


BAT 19.4%
Small Cap 5.7% (SHOP was huge this week, UBNT did well too, TWLO lags)


Since Aug 28,

F10 … +15.56% :roll_eyes: What happen to the law of large numbers?
AAPL…+8.36% :grin: Defies gravity and incessant FUD spamming by armed chair business anal-yst
TSLA…-5.92% :relieved: Continues to recover or technical re-bounce?
NVDA…+31.51% :star_struck: TCEHY 29.72% and AMZN 25.37% :thinking: The actual ANT
mCap…-6.85% :sweat: Bear bites harder
sCap… +3.81% :blush: Not good enough


A fang, an ant, a bat, ACA, GOOG, a cat, a batnana, gnafa!


GOLDMAN SACHS: There are only 50 stocks in the world that are perfect for this environment

List of 50 stocks that GS is pumping… (of course AMZN which everybody is convinced as THE stock to own)
Ningbo Joyson Electronic
B&M European Value Retail
YOOX Net APorter
Ulta Beauty
Five Below
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings
Floor & Decor Holdings
Minth Group Limited
Domino’s Pizza
Zhejiang Huace Film & TV
ANTA Sports Products
Shenzhou International Group
X5 Retail Group
Sprouts Farmers Markets
BIM Birlesik Magazalar
Fomento Economico Mexicano
Raia Drogasil
Gulfport Energy Corporation
PDC Energy
INC Research Holdings
Sino Biopharmaceutical
SiteOne Landscape Supply
Recruit Holdings
Luxshare Precision Industry
Crieto SA
YY Inc.
Lam Research
MACOM Technology Solutions
Momo Inc.
Zhejiang Dahua Technology
Sunny Optical Technology
Kako Corp.
Ultimate Software Group
Summit Materials
PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia


Wow, there’s definitely some odd ones. If the economy is slowing, why expedia and a cruise line? Travel is one of the first expenses people will cut. Sprouts? Grocery is a terrible business with increasing competition. I’m not impressed by their research on this one.


Um… if the world only consisted of these 50 companies we are in big trouble… :rofl:


Since Aug 28,

F10 … +9.17%:hushed:: Tech stocks in correction mode
AAPL…+5.93%:grin: Correction mode
TSLA…-11.32% Resume down trend
AMZN… 22.87% :face_with_raised_eyebrow: THE stock, replace NVDA
mCap…-11.42% :sweat: Bear bites even harder
sCap… +2.5% :blush: Backslide, cap the roaring NTNX and didn’t leash in SHOP & IRBT


Since Aug 28,

F10 … +10.2% :thinking: Correction possibly over
AAPL…+4.86%:grin: Still in correction mode
TSLA…-8.83% :roll_eyes: Recovering?
AMZN… 22.83% :face_with_raised_eyebrow: THE stock, TCEHY is close behind 21.87%
mCap…-16.94% :sweat: Should have invested in bitcoin
sCap… +1.59% :blush: Continue to backslide