Fang, ant, bat


Should have bought 1000 shares of Tsla at $275… :slight_smile:


He’s so cheap he’d only buy 5-6 shares of TSLA at $275 even at that…


Thanks to Musk there will another chance at $275


You understand me, bought 9 shares at $255😝


I’m also waiting for my chance to buy a house in South Tahoe for $10k.




Swing. Up or down?


From the article:

The estimates don’t indicate which direction shares might sway, just the magnitude of the move. The percentages are derived from an options trade known as a straddle, which entails buying both bullish and bearish contracts that can be exercised at the same price for the stock.


If you think the magnitude is likely to be smaller, short straddle.
If you think the magnitude is likely to be larger, long straddle.
Just throw a dice and let the monkey decides for you :slight_smile:


is this wide expectation?

Analysts expect Facebook to grow earnings 33% to $7.17 a share this year, while consensus expectations call for 36.7% revenue growth to $55.6 billion.



$1,485 now Yoda, time to buy another share…


$70 gone in one day. Can’t afford to go to any meetups :tired_face:


Some time this week, I will setup GTC AMZN around $1375-$1400 range


Who reverses the market? I have not bought sufficient NVDA, AMZN and GOOG.


FB missed on revenue because of “currency headwind” (yeah right…). but beat on earnings. The fear of large spending on security team is mostly fake news. Most of these people aren’t even based in US I bet and make peanuts.


I can believe the currency headwind. USD is up pretty sharply this year. BTW looks like the rally is planned. FANG dropped immediately after FB announced and then bounced back sharply. Aftermarket everyone looks up.


The negative story for FB was that it needs to spend a ton to fund content oversight. But this Q at least it doesn’t show any of that. EPS beat by a big margin.


Trump reverses the market, UP to DOWN, with his TWTR messages!

How many AMZN one! :rofl:

Why did not you buy FB? I bought one FB at 143.84


Even amazon is up AH. :smile:


I bought 50 FB yesterday, now own 200 FBs, didn’t really want to mention it because fail wqj’s $50k mention criteria. Bought at $145.88… GTC so not as good as constant monitoring :slight_smile:

Bought 1 yesterday, total own 3 :slight_smile: