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You forgot - i still make money & bonus time is coming :slight_smile:


Beach property? Enjoy… :rofl:


Ok that’s fair.


I am waiting for the Global Warming alarmists to panic. I want to buy Malibu beach houses for pennies on the dollar from silly Hollywood liberals worried about polar bears.:sunglasses:


spread the fear.


Nothing bad will happen within your lifetime. Just don’t pass that on to your grandchildren… :rofl:


The only good thing about being old:joy:


Correction applied see below thread

This is my own view, it is left to the forum viewers to analyze and decide what they want to do


They need to hire old farts like me. We are much better at sniffing out BS than millienials who have been taught to not judge people. Shithouse cunning has been bred out off them.


No way. FB was built by young people.


That’s why they are having trouble in their midlife crisis. No collective wisdom. Younger people are leaving Facebook for other sites.
Their customers are older . Need their prospective


older people are the spenders. good.


Get better ad revenue with oldsters


Go drink the kool aid direct from the source:

Facebook Q3 2018 Earnings Call

Most of the questions are on Stories and rev/expenditure outlook. FB hints that the big spend will only last one more year and going forward revenue and spending will be in balance. So the pain will be over soon is what they want you to believe. Also, Zuck said FB put some artificial limit on video because they were detracting from social interaction but now they licked that problem. So the limit is off and will see more video growth.


Based on yesterday reports and forward guidance, I have created a P/L model for Q4FY18.

Even though revenue growth is slowed, looks like FB is earning a better profit (absolute value, not margin)

Looks like FB may go up rather than go down to 120 (Prevously I agreed, but I see it was wrong) based on the calculations I made below

Any correction, please indicate.

They said 9% reduction rev growth, that means 33% - 9% = 24% growth (this is where yesterday I made mistake).

With this FB has positive growth in Q4FY18, price may increase to 160 to 180.

This is my own work/guess, nothing guaranteed, forum users, use own analysis.

Having convinced good FB growth, I bought, just 15 minutes before, 100 FB shares, and one Option with strike price of 160 for Jan 17, 2020.


You change your mind quite often. First is avoid, now buy with both fists? After many years of monitoring businesses and stocks, there are far too many unpredictabilities in the long run. The only reliable indicator is calibre of the leadership especially the CEO and COO. Trust them, you buy. Don’t trust, sell.


I bought a lot more than that 6 years ago even.




$3M worth? Or you’re commenting only on TSLA? Btw, I also bought more than 6 years ago :slight_smile: in terms of dollar amount, not number of units :disappointed_relieved:


Haven’t read it yet. Did Jack Ma and Fan Bing Bing slept together?


0 FB 6 years ago.