Fang, ant, bat


Poor you…


Rename your portfolio to Buddha jumps over the wall.



I am not a buddha. May be chicken dog goes to heaven?


Wonder if FB will go below $100.


FB goes below $100 when AMZN goes below $1000.


You read my mind :smile:


Well FB is closer to $100 than AMZN to $1000.

I see you both have FB in your portfolio. The knives are coming out. :hocho:


Come on, I can pretty much predict what each of you are going to say any time :smile:

I don’t have FB. I’m waiting for both to drop.


But do I have as much margin as you do? (@harriet couldn’t have read my mind this time) :rofl:


Long ago I say FB might go to $120 you laugh off your head, now you think is $100 :crazy_face:


And besides, I bought FB at $38. Wonder how much @manch bought his Amzn at… :thinking:


Did I laugh off my head? I still have my head on. :smile:


Actually I’d rather buy GOOG than AMZN, where I only spent $3.72 YTD.


Did you intentionally not buy any more FB just so you can tell people you bought at $38?

I just want to make some money. I am not in it to impress people. :smile:


You should buy the opposite of what you spend money on, because you are so unconventional.


No. Not buying anymore FB. Would rather buy Tsla.


She should buy Roku and SOGO.


You bought those?


He bought 1 share of each.


Read an article by a hedge fund manager saying don’t buy FAANG. Buy ADBE MSFT ROKU.