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Today, Feb 12, 2024, 2 days after CNY. MAN.

When will NVDA overtake AAPL?

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Latest leaderboard. Nvidia #3. ASML replaced Samsung at #10.

C’mon AMD! Shape up and get to Top 10!

According a Forbes’ article dated Aug 27, 2021, Beth Kindig…

…believe Nvidia can surpass Apple by capitalizing on the artificial intelligence economy…


…Nvidia has a market cap of roughly $550 billion compared to Apple’s nearly $2.5 trillion.

Current market cap of NVDA is $1.83T, less than $700B to $2.5T. Has to achieve this market cap by Aug 26, 2026… at this point, highly probable.

Many years ago, market is full of prediction that both NVDA and TSLA could overtake AAPL in market cap in 5-10 years’ time. Today, market cap of NVDA is 3x of TSLA and is less than $1T from AAPL’s…


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NVDA ~170x over 10 years, CAGR 67% :scream:

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