Fantastic rural property with acreage - Boise, ID area

This property has it all! Fantastic for equine activities, livestock, chickens, mature orchard, chicken coop, shop with electricity, out buildings and room to grow! Location is minutes from hiking, camping horse trails and water recreation! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

I’ve always wanted a loafing shed.


IS that the down payment? :slight_smile: also does it come with the horse in picture? My agent always teases us saying “we can write it into the contract!”

Dude your name is acre, and he’s selling a lot of acres.

If you think 6 is a lot of acres the Bay Area has truly twisted your perception :slight_smile:
My little half acre in AZ came with some extras not mentioned but they won’t stay still long enough for a good photo. Pork for Thanksgiving anyone?

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Where is the closest chinese restaurant? You can take the boy out of Chinatown but you can’t take the Chinatown out of the boy…

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so cute. feed it.

to fatten it up… lunch time yet???


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I was thinking about that too when I saw the raw picture :meat_on_bone:

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poor pig… those are wild animal. leave them alone…

Wild always tastes better than farmed :fork_and_knife:


what’s the address, i’ll send you some roadkill next time, like skunky?? :grinning:

Man, you are like my wife… always thinking about food

Plenty of gophers here already…sick of playing whack-a-mole.

oh dude i actually think 6 acres is small. life goal is an island :slight_smile:

No Chinese in Strawberry - or Pine - or Payson. About 10 restaurants without even going to the big town (Payson) but white and brown people food only :slight_smile: A Thai place went bust.

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Well I was the one who mentioned pork but the Sonora desert museum website says Javalina (also called Peccary) aren’t really pigs. Only distantly related to wild boar.

One account of the experience -

poor thing

It looks tenderer because it’s smaller in size.