Farewell, App Academy. Hello, Airbnb

This guy used to be professional poker player. Spent a year in some programming bootcamp. And this blog post details his journey looking for a software engineer job. And he included exact numbers from his offers.

And you are telling me Bay Area housing price is too high? Are you kidding me?

Few takeaways,

Need referrals (relationship building, good friends and colleagues).
Negotiate hard (his poker skill comes into play).
Communication skills (hard to find for a SWE).

I was surprised at his high pay. Maybe I was just severely underpaid…

Negotiate hard and not stopping at the first offer was key.

If his pay is even remotely close to the current going rate, I don’t see how Bay Area house prices are too high.

This guy also had a lot of perseverance; I probably would have stopped interviewing after getting 5 offers or so

Very compelling story. His perseverance paid off, Kudos for him!! IMO it is high for his experience, but he must be really smart that he can pull this transition and ace those interviews. For smart people, sky is the limit :slight_smile: But 250K is uncommon for Software Engineer with 3-4 yrs experience.

Yes he taught courses at app academy and is obviously very smart.

Yes you landlords in sfo can demand more rent!!