Fast green card for H1B workers: impact on housing market


I am a big fan of AOC. :smile:


Do people realize how Hitler funded the German army? People literally made payments to buy a car from the government. Once you made all the payments, then you’d get the car. People were told it was a patriotic thing to do. They started making their payments. Only the money was used to fund the military expansion. People never got their car.

Look at the promises we were told with social security and Medicare. People agreed to pay more taxes because of the promise of future benefits. The programs ran a surplus. The government spent it on other stuff. Now that we need the money for benefits promised, it’s gone.

Does anyone think universal healthcare or government run utilities would be any different? We literally have a long history or local, state, and federal governments adding fees and taxes with a promise it’ll go to a specific cause. Later we find out the money was spent on other stuff, and it’s not available for the promised cause. At some point, people should realize the government isn’t trustworthy with money. To keep trusting them is the highest form of foolishness.


You’re the real problem to be solved :disappointed_relieved:


Too late because the truly smart ones would rather pursue their ambitions in Shenzhen. Only dumb yellow bananas would want to work in Silicon Valley.


Xi is shit. Most smart Chinese students still prefer to stay in US.


Seems like you lack political acumen in addition to investment acumen.


You mean without the support of the democrats this won’t pass? You are right! Democrats always support anything related to immigration. This administration has been punishing H1B visa holders to the point they wanted the servile wives of the high techies just stay at home with no rights to work. That has been already settled, republicans don’t give a rat’s ass about high techies.

They are against chain migration, except for Melania’s parents.
They are, you know, against a high techie bringing his wife into the US, then she has an “anchor baby” but she is not authorized to work in the US. Ain’t that slavery?

Hypocrisy, right? But illegals! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: