Fast green card for H1B workers: impact on housing market


Trump will make it much faster for the Indian and Chinese H1B workers to get green card. The per country quota would be dramatically relaxed.

This is a bill supported by both parties and president. I think it will become law.

Will this be a good enough news to boost housing market?


New strategy is to starve China and India of talents?


That could be Trump’s strategy. Steal their talents to prevent another Huawei to compete against Goog, Fb and amzn.

The per country quota is a little silly, to be honest. We should steal talents fairly across all countries. Per country quota would steal all the talents from small countries and leave too many talents in the big countries.

Can you have a policy to give green cards to all the key Huawei employees?


It doesn’t say if it’d increase the total quota or just lift the country cap. It’s defintiely bullish for places with a lot of foreign tech workers from India and China.


Load up rentals in SV and NW Austin/suburbs.


India maybe. Might be too late to extract more talents out of China.


There are yellow bananas. Many don’t like CPC.


Aren’t you one? What a shame. :rofl:


I’m a Singaporean :slight_smile:


They don’t have yellow bananas in Singapore?


All Singaporeans are for democracy, capitalism, free market and open economy. We believe in duty-free :slight_smile: so no import tax and low tax for everyone. No capital gain tax.


You can be all that and still being a yellow banana… :rofl:


The same bill was introduced in the republican majority house 2 years ago. We had worked to get 320 co-sponsors for the bill which is 2/3 rd majority. It had majority of republican members co-sponsoring as well as majority of democratic co-sponsors. Paul Ryan did not even let it on the floor for a vote (likely because Miller said it was a no go).

So here we are, 2 years later, trying to do the same in democratic controlled house. My bet is that dems will not allow a vote either without bundling it with some legalize illegal immigration bill which wont pass republican senate.


Why is it too late to extract talent from China? If you give green card, many will gladly take it.


Why is it too late to extract talent from China? If you give green card, many will gladly take it.

What’s a yellow banana?


Which party cares about H1B workers more? Most H1B workers are in blue states, but Texas will get many more H1B workers in the future


The bill is mostly led by Democrats. How is that a “Trump bill”?

Ryan was from Wisconsin but Pelosi is from San Francisco. I think she will allow the bill to go forward. Also Harris is from NorCal where SV is. She is the bill’s leader on the Senate side.

We should worry about the Republicans. Old Turtle may kill the bill in the Senate.


It’s bipartisan now. Midterm is gone and now it’s the time to do some serious legislation. No need to worry about ignorant people.

Hope AOC and DSA won’t destroy the deal


Wait until Ann Coulter finds out about the bill and bad mouths it on Twitter. Trump will kill it right then and there.

It will bring more Chinese and Indian immigrants to US. It doesn’t fit the white supremacist agenda. Forget about it.


DSA is the enemy of American people. It’s the enemy of Manch and Trump alike :rofl:

AOC is the worst nightmare for Pelosi, not sure whether Trump is glad to see AOC and Pelosi fight against each other.

How do you like DSA or AOC?

I think Pelosi and Trump will work together to get rid of DSA. Seems that Pelosi and Trump will cooperate on some issues soon