Faster, More Accurate Appraisals

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Uh oh, better warn my buddy with the appraisal company…

Come on! We all know most of appraisals are doing online. :rofl:

Otherwise, look at Zillow or Redfin, my home is worth less than the dilapidated and crumbling home not painted since 1982 in the same hood, mine was remodeled in 2011.

What are you talk about? I just did an appraisal and the guy was there for several hours…

I would like to replace them with robots…lol

Wait until the second comes to play. They did it with us, a second app. before closing. $325 out of the window for no reason. And my neighbors, some of them all day long out there told me they never saw anybody entering the property. We were told to pay tonight, the next morning we had the appraisal validating the price of the property to be OK. Overnight?

I was referring to the value of homes through Zillow and Redfin and so on. Not worth the value, they don’t go inside the home to value it.