Fastest Deal Ever I have seen ! East Palo Alto

Yesterday, I have seen, just 2 hours after listing, this home listed at 410k. I was planning to provide full cash offer and tried to do some analysis one day before final decision !

Looks like that we should not even delay hours !!

Today morning, it is sold at list price

Isn’t that how pocket listings work and they list them for historical purposes? It was probably already sold before it was listed.

Dual agency by EBroker… sold before posting

Dual Agency is common with such nice deal.

If it is pocket listing, why do they need to list, rather straight away sell without listing.

Pocket or private sale is the best way to buy if you can pull it off (find one). No one to compete with but yourself and your contractor. That’s how I bought all of my properties. It’s def tougher to find today (private or MLS) but I am getting my cash ready to pull the trigger should an opportunity present itself…

I’m not an expert on how MLS works, but I think they are required to list it to publish the sales history. I remember @Elt1 or @ptiemann explaining it before.

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Oh,I got it. Listing may be for county property tax checking purpose or mandatory listing to avoid property tax issue later !

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Where can we find pocket listing or private sales? Do you need to work with many realtors to hunt for a good pocket listing?

This is a very good deal. But why do the seller sell this way? There is no 400k sales for a couple of years

I heard sending out thousands of flyers works. You just need 1 in 10,000 to hit.

Gonna have to do some big time digging and poking around these days. As you can imagine, there may be a wart involved (tenant occupied, run down shape, etc) to explain why someone doesn’t want to go to market. Fine, let me know what the wart is and let me decide if I want it or not. I have no problem with that. I def make it a point of networking with a lot of realtors and see if they have anything. I do use some of my other properties as carrots to entice folks to chat about maybe swapping properties, etc. Doesn’t hurt to try.

I tried to swap with dragonboy, but he didn’t take the carrot.

I am still considering all offers, if you want to up the ante…but I need something back!!! No way in heck Uncle Sam gonna take me profits…no way!!!

What’s your price range and location preference? Advertise here and see what happens. This is crowd sourcing.

Are you still trying to sell your Oakland property? If sold, you have to buy within 45 days

That is in the works already, I think he was inquiring about my Fremont starter home…

This EPA house is now listed for 2.85 times what it sold in 2009. 385k–> 1.1M. Unbelievable and the comps line up too!


Jun 15, 2007 sold $690,000
May 18, 2009 sold $385,000
Feb 28, 2018 Listed at $1,100,000

2009 was real estate downturn sale price, it is very likely REO sale or short sale price 385k