FED not raising rates...Take your call

Mortgage rates at a 3.5 year low

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Jil -
Looks like you have growth in an IRA and some high dividend payers in a taxable account. Why? Long term cap gains is 20%; everything in an IRA ends up being taxed as ordinary income.

Dividend payers in taxable account is very less, just a try few REIT stocks. This is not held for long term. Normally, whatever in taxable account eventually goes to down payment of next home.

I will keep on trying some and when I hit proper growth stocks (like one had TSLA), I will start holding long until retirement.

I max IRA (mainly 401k) and goes into growth. This will be used for my retirement cash flow at RMD rate. With current savings rate, I may end up enough after tax cash at 4% withdrawal rate at 67.

Brexit? …a taste of the Trump phenomenon

Anti globalization sentiment everywhere…Not good for Silicon Valley

Any predictions?

Brexit=NO vote.

This has been predicted long back. Except that created volatility, nothing changes.


Jil, you were wrong…Looks like Trumpism is alive and well…Could happen here…Brexit was an anti immigration vote. …

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Real estate sale yet??? Its pretty much decided to be BREXIT as of now. Lets see if it is a knee jerk reaction or is here to stay…market correction

How? SV is the only place that have minimal anti-globalization right?

Ok, I failed even though 6.8% yet to come. Slim hope my side.

Let us continue the Trump, no issue. I still maintain Hillary Wins.

This could cause the EU to split. This could be the catalyst for our next recession.

Countries with stronger financial power can split…Germany, France…?

@Jil Regretting your move to stocks recently ?

The Brexit vote was about protectionism and controlling immigration. .Same sentiment the Trumpster is using to drive his campaign. …Anti globalization. …could hurt SV if that sentiment takes over in Congress or gets Trump elected…

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Buffet statement“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful

I understand the stock and economy issues. Brexit will not impact US heavily, but stocks are very low DOW minus 730 level (pre-market). All my stocks are domestic.

Until recently, I was speculating and making money. Nowadays, I am trying to hold long, but waiting for opportunities to buy.

Today morning, first 15 minutes, was my day, keep on buying ETFs and Stocks in my taxable account. All buys and almost $10000 whichever was low 3%-8% range.

  1. PYPL
  2. USMV
  3. AAPL
  4. CBG
  5. FDIS
  6. FREL
  7. FSTA
  8. SCHH

9.TWTR (specultive-robinhood)
10. LC (speculative-robinhood)

The biggest challenge today morning was most of the sites are slow due to high volatility and I need to submit only limt order to execute.

I did not sell any single stock today. I am bullish on US Growth as long as FED is holding rates.


At least in US election, let us be in opposite…Otherwise, no fun in this blogs.

Yesterday, I lost $12 on BREXIT bet.
I still hold Hillary…I have $1200 bet on her.

I can’t speak for all old school Asians, but for me, real estate is it, as the true one and only de facto investment vehicle to financial success. It is tangible and fairly resistant to market makers. As far as I know, they don’t make any more land in SF anymore. Talk about a crock or fixed system. The stock market shuts down or its circuit breakers go off when there is too much volatilty? WTF? How is that a true free flowing market system? Hey, if stocks go to a penny, they go to a penny… And I thought the NBA was fixed…

All I know is, dear old mom doesn’t own one share of stock and all she has to worry about every day is what time is her high stakes mah jong game. Real estate, especially around here, is king.

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Based on my personal finance, I almost add one more every 3.5 years. Many people are not buying daily real estate. Whatever money you have in liquid cash needs to be invested properly so that you have long term success and stability.

When I started reviewing, I found how much I missed opportunities in the past.

I do not have any doubt on real estate with bay area, but that is not the “one and only”. There are plenty of avenues in stocks to make our life secure, but needs money, time and energy.

Why go all in today, we might see DOW at 16,000 if this volatility happens for 3 more sessions. Agree with the buffet mantra though.

Wont AAPL revenues as an example be impacted if POUND is getting hammered like this, so I heard people on TV suggesting hiring freezes might happen because of this event.

It’s not fearful when the market is still this close to all-time highs. It’s not even in correction territory yet (off 10% from the high).

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