Feedback on Real Estate Video

Give me some feedback so that I can improve this and the next ones for the house on Sale

What a beautiful house!

My feedback on video is frame rate seems too low for scene change and fast motion scenes. As a result, i couldn’t see those scenes well. I guess they should either increase the frame rate on those fast changing scenes or decrease the speed of scene change/camera motion.

Yes I agree. The transitions between the shots could be smoother . I would prefer fade out and do not like the fact the editor actually rotated the camera for transitions.

Do you think the presenter did a nice job ? This was her first ever Real estate video

I am not an expert but if camera moving speed and scene change transitions/frequency are improved, I guess it shows how nice the house is well.

Wow, this “minimalist dream” has been brought to life on video! The motion, angles, sunlight and even the music add a positive vibe that i felt was somehow missing in the photos. The link should go on the listing itself, no? The presenter is low key, but I think she complemented the style perfectly. Some features (nest, ovens, etc) zipped by very quickly, but I suppose that is to entice prospective buyers to come in first hand to see how all of it looks and feels in person.

I noticed Trulia shows that this neighborhood’s residents are somewhat older than surrounding areas and it is also the safest. It is nice that downtown and shopping are nearby.

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Moot question for your listings but @ or above list? ??

High end is slowing right

I too have made videos for my business , you can have a look and provide me feedback as well.

4M was what i got for this

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