File your taxes on a postcard? LOL LOL LOL

My last topic on this stupid, lied on tax reform.

Understanding an issue is one thing, accepting a continuous lie is another case.

While many posters here, or all of them are up and down with graphics and numbers, always looking for that thingy that makes them happy to receive a handout, they forget that the lie has been there all along. It wasn’t about you the middle class, or the lower class. It was about the rich guy! I am talking about real rich guys, billionaires!

Look at the way you show your emotions: Ooh, I am going to do good! Ooh…I am going to get this much of a return! Why did you, whom I believe most are middle class with some exceptions, have to be expecting what you have been expecting every year? Now, you are begging for more “things to come our way” from the tax reform. Why should you be expecting something you had coming your way anyway? Don’t tell me you always had to pay taxes. If you did, let me tell you, you were ill advised.

You don’t get it, do you? You have sold your soul for a couple of dollars in your hands. You are happy of receiving whatever and by doing that you close your eyes to the original lie in that promise. You have lost that dignity that may have existed in you. Those promises, and expectations come from people who have insulted you as an Asian, as a Hispanic, or any other race, or those within your race that discriminate or are racist themselves.
I understand your thirst for more money, who wouldn’t? You are a business guy or gal. But losing your identity, your dignity by accepting the fact that your people, the American people have been insulted and lied in a daily basis is something so dirty that doesn’t ring a bell in your head? I am not saying you should refuse to do what you do as a business man, but please, cheering the insult and demeaning of your race or throwing people under the bus by cutting their healthcare, or kids going hungry to school shouldn’t be something to be happy about. Money, no matter how it is obtained is not everything in life, there’s something called spirit, soul, and love for your human brothers. That’s all.

1- We politicians won’t benefit from tax reform:

Well, not true! Most politicians in Washington, specially those pushing that tax reform are not doing a thing. The ones writing the tax code as it has been shown numerous times are the lobbyists. The bosses, the ones holding the cash or the bribes are in charge. And they are very openly telling you that this is about throwing a bone to any politician to get their votes. This is not about “we the people” but about who is asking more of a handout. Politicians that said no, have been promised good deals for their states, not for the entire country. Is that fair to you? Fair that you have to pay more taxes or you have to bend over in order to get some generous return? Do you get my gig?

2- It will fit on a postcard:

Not really, not true, not a reality. You have been dumbfounded by a lie, by an illusion. You seem to be the kid expecting that candy in your mouth.

3- We will have 3, 5, no, wait! 8 tax brackets!

Try to refute this, it is yet another lie.

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90% of people will be able to file on a postcard. They won’t be itemizing deductions.

The rest of your crying happens regardless of which party controls congress. Your bias on the topic would qualify as pure insanity. If you don’t understand the problem is the system and particularly large government, then there’s no point in discussing. Your bias prevents any logical conversation.

according to the calculator, i’m paying like around 600 buck more, a lot less than i’ve expected.

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[quote=“marcus335, post:2, topic:3686, full:true”]
90% of people will be able to file on a postcard. They won’t be itemizing deductions.

Anyone who files on a postcard, PM me a copy of it and I will give $100.00. I never heard of anyone believing such a ridiculous statement!

[quote=“sheriff, post:4, topic:3686, full:true”]

You realize that even today only 30% of people have to itemize, right? Most people can use the 1040 EZ form. It’s only 2 pages.

The second page is just for dependents.

How would you fit all that on a postcard? If you said file it on a one page form I might agree with you. There’s not even a space on there for dividends.


Most people don’t have dividend income to declare. That’s the current form and it should become more simplified with the new law. The point is you said the postcard was a ridiculous statement. Even in today’s complex world, many people file a 2-page doc for their return.

Postcard size with font size 1 :smile:


Filing on a postcard is not a literal statement.
It just means braindead (not literally, ofc) simple to file federal tax return.

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Why are you guys filing yourselves? Hire a CPA.

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Inuit stock still going up in spite of postcard sized return

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I don’t see how the new tax will be simpler to file. If you itemized before you will still do the itemization part to see if you save anything. Do you own a house? Sold any stocks? Anything other than one single W2 income and your taxes can’t fit on 2 pages. DIY’ers mostly use software anyway. There you have to go thru mostly the same steps, again to see whether itemization saves you anything.

I say postcard tax form is a lie.


Although the computation of tax liability once earned income is determined is braindead simple, I need TurboTax to download data from brokerage firms and computation of earned income… too much admin, just pay Intuit.

People will still try itemizing the first year. Plenty of people will realize they are far better off with the higher standard deduction. Once they know that, then there’s no point in calculating itemization each year unless something major changes.

But for 90% of people it’s postcard sized simple. Why do they need intuit? :smiley:


I aim to have my taxes as complicated as possible. That’s where you can optimize and you need to give your CPA room to operate. I think mine is the most complicated return in my CPA’s office and I take pride in that. :smile:

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The topic is about that postcard size tax declaration. It is a lie, it was always a lie. It is as I said, like Ali Baba and the 40 thieves sharing the spoils. Hey guy! You killed many infidels via hanging, here, this for you. Hey you! You killed some infidels via sword, here, this is for you buddy! :wink:

I can’t hide my hatred for this _____guy in the white house. That has been very obvious, but…

Poor Marcus, I don’t know who told him he needs to be the public defender for the ______fill the blank in the white house. I mean it, that guy is so __________. Just listen to him.

Then, read the poor guy, by no means he will say “this government, this administration”. His tongue gets forked, he can’t “talk”. I will get a heart attack the day he says anything, I mean it, anything against this administration :grin::laughing::rofl:

They probably won’t after the first year once they realize the standard deduction is much better. It depends on how complex state returns are too. Most people use it for state and federal.

I’m not defending anyone. I’m pointing out the truth. Some of us have the capability to process info without instantly reacting with the emotional maturity of a 2-year old having a tantrum.

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[quote=“marcus335, post:5, topic:3686, full:true”]

You can’t use form 1040ez if you have dependents. That means about 20% of people can use it.