Financial Samurai: How New Tech IPOs Could Cause SF Bay Area Real Estate Prices To Fall Further


Cup half full man. Not many Americans know where is Cupertino, obviously hardly known in the world.


Finance is durable because every company needs to deal with finance. It has a general purpose utility.

Technology is similar. It’s now a cliche to say software is eating the world. But it is still a great insight. Every company in every industry needs to deal with technology.

Look at the evolution of Silicon Valley. From silicon to PC to internet to cloud/mobile/AI… it has an almost monopoly on every digital technology revolution since the 50s. Is the internet/mobile/AI one single industry like autos? No. Applied to various different industries these technologies disrupted those industries and siphon the value off to the tech companies born and raised here.


I actually don’t want the RE market to rocket up. I still want to buy. :cry: So I hope Sam is right there will be an avalanche of sellers coming out of the woodwork eager to make deals. I am more than happy to let you offload your problems onto me. :smile:


Will shoot up +20% across the board in a couple weeks. You will have to buy at a 20% premium from today’s price.


That is what Ken Fisher did.

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Where are you looking to buy? Still eyeing at Millbrae?


Yeah, if prices don’t get too far away from me. :cry:


Well he’s right about the fleas. One of the main drags in Redwood City is named after them.


Millbrae??? No. Buy somewhere between Redwood City and West San Jose.


I think the end of AMT may help in the BA. Like I said I doubt most people will pay much more under the new tax plan. Housing prices are more sensitive to the stock market, interest rates and wage growth than taxes.


Maybe you’re right. I hope so.

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It will play out soon. The weather delayed the buying season. The next couple of months should bring out buyers. By June we should see an uptrend in house prices. Interest rates dropped and stocks like Appl and FB are roaring back. All the IPOs are bullish too.


Exactly. Tax impact is very limited for the mass market


Weather seems to have turned. Let’s hope the housing market turns too…


Hmm I don’t know about that. There was a house that I monitored where it said offer was due but they had open house again the weekend right after. Not looking good.


Things/Trends should become clearer in a couple more months…


Newbie, what is AMT?


AMT = Alternative Minimum Tax.


I am seeing bullish activity

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What kind of bullish activity do you see? Market seems to be leukwarm

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