Finland Will Become the First Country in the World to Get Rid of All School Subjects

Finland’s education system is considered one of the best in the world. In international ratings, it’s always in the top ten. However, the authorities there aren’t ready to rest on their laurels, and they’ve decided to carry through a real revolution in their school system.

Finnish officials want to remove school subjects from the curriculum. There will no longer be any classes in physics, math, literature, history, or geography.

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I am intrigued by this idea. We certainly teach a lot of useless crap in schools.

What!? Let’s be real, history or literature maybe, but def not math. Without math, I am not sporting a Rolex Sea Dweller… Thanks Dad for pushing us to do well in math!!!

New age math, man. Lets have a seat and talk about your feeling. How do you feel 2 + 2 should be today? 5? That’s ok son. There is no wrong answer to math.

I am curious on how they actually measure whether if it is an improvement or not.

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Come on, Finland??? Seriously??? When was the last time ANYTHING material came out of Finland???

Improvement or not I really admire their experimental spirit. Much bolder than us Americans.

I was told if you have an android phone, the core piece of the system came out of Finland.

Nokia dumb and feature phones before supplanted by American iPhones :grin:

Ok, didn’t know Finland was so key on phone tech. Appreciate it @john and @hanera! But again, taking away math? I use math every day, while working off multi monitors. Sometimes, I literally pull out a sheet of paper and actually draw up a formula to solve for X because of the many variables involved. Basic math like that is so useful. And it is truly neat actually when you do solve correctly for X that then the whole picture clears up for you, where at the beginning of your dilemma, it was just another foggy day in the Sunset…

Linux came from Finland.


Joking aside, I don’t think Finland is going to stop teaching math. They are doing a re-org of how they structure their learning. Instead of chopping it up into subjects, which are silos that don’t seem to relate to one another, they want to structure it into events and projects.

That’s how we learn outside of the school environment. Think about how much kids can learn from this election alone: history, sociology, statistics, writing, the list goes on and on. It would be very dull if you silo each of these aspects into a separate subject. Kids just forget once exams are over. But bundle together in the most important election of our generation? Man, that’s dynamite.

Silo learning is good for those eventually going for doctorates, and R&D jobs.
Finnish proposal is more apt for real life. Day-to-day only requires rudimentary Maths and Science, but a lot of EQ and critical thinking skills.

sfdragonboy – please please don’t take this the wrong way. I know you love the 7x7, and I know that CA is great, but you do know that at the end of the day the bay area is just a large cog in a very big global tech machine?

Finland pioneered:

linux (kinda)
cellphone infrastructure (all the crap needed to make cellphones work)

I completely agree that the Finnish education is top notch. When I lived in scandinavia, I worked side by side with many finns. The average Finnish techie is much better than the average bay area techie, from my personal experience (and I’ve lived and worked as a techie in both the bay area and scandinavia). Bay area techies often talk big, but do little. Finns are the exact opposite.

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Torvalds is programming god.

Don’t underestimate the Finns, Even Stalin was afraid of them…Look up the Finnish Russian war
The Soviets possessed more than three times as many soldiers as the Finns, thirty times as many aircraft, and a hundred times as many tanks. The Red Army, however, had been crippled by Soviet leader Joseph Stalin’s Great Purge of 1937.[42] With more than 30,000 of its officers executed or imprisoned, including most of those of the highest ranks, the Red Army in 1939 had many inexperienced senior and mid-level officers.[43][44] Because of these factors, and high morale in the Finnish forces, Finland repelled Soviet attacks for several months, much longer than the Soviets expected.

They weren’t afraid of the Russians. …Partly because of this Hilter thought he could beat Russia…


Military service is mandatory in Finland.


Hey, just asking the questions. No harm, no foul. Now I know who is partially responsible for turning our future generations into anti social beings who would rather bury their faces into their phones instead of having real, live conversations with others or just enjoying the simple pleasures of real life events going on all around you. Phones are great, too much phones not so much…:grin: